A New Year (A Divergent Group Story)

When Tris is training to be Dauntless, we hear all about her experience and also a fair amount of Tobias/Four's training. What about the year in between. Four teens, two boys and two girls, train in this period. Each are transfers from a different faction and joint together in Dauntless. As time passes, they develop strong friendships that are not easily broken. They also create a different kind of relationship with other of a different gender. Life is hard being a teenager.. .

Chapter 1

Eva Isabella Ryder

Tessa taps a pile of even papers on the finished desk absentmindedly. I tuck a free strand of hair behind my ear and ruffle through the files I had previously been organizing. It is my turn to stay after school and help, but Tessa insisted on helping me. She is such an Abnegation that it sometimes annoys me.

"Is that all?" Tessa asks presently, making to stand up. I nod and slide the box of files into the organized shelves as she ties a rubber band around the papers.

"Thank you very much, girls," Our teacher calls after us.

"Your welcome," we answer in chorus. The door clicks softly behind us. Tessa straightens her stiff Abnegation clothes and walks professionally. I admire her stance and compare it to myself. My clothes are rumpled and stray pieces of hair frame my face. One of my shoes is is untied. I am a disgrace to my faction, as my mother says to me on bad days. I cannot retort, it is one of the rules of Abnegation, but I often think to myself, Good. I'm leaving. It really wouldn't have been a question that I'd leave my faction, except for Tessa. She will choose Abnegation, I know it, and I can't just leave her, can I? It is not the custom of Abnegation to ask personal questions so I cannot question her about what faction she will choose.

The wind blows my hair back and I brush fallen leaves off of my shirt. When we reach a fork in the rode I bid goodbye to Tessa and walk to my door. All of the Abnegation houses look the same so I have to double check the number on the door to make sure it is my house.

My mother ignores me, as usual, when I enter. I remember with longing of the times when my older brother Daniel was here. He transferred to Candor and is a member now. He was the only one in my family who genuinely cared for me. My mother is a stickler and cruel, my father is useless and stupid, but my brother was smart, funny, and constantly honest. I should have noticed he was apt for Candor. However he managed to hide his truthfulness with selflessness. That is what Abnegation represents.

Our city is split into five factions. Abnegation, the faction where I live, prides in constant selflessness. Candor, the faction my brother transferred to, values honestly. The Dauntless are brave, the Amity encourage peace, and the Erudite are the nerds. In our community, when you reach 16 you are allowed to choose one of the factions to live in. But before you are officially a member, you have to go through initiation to prove that you have the traits that the certain faction demands. I am currently 16. Tomorrow I will take the aptitude test, the test that determines which faction you are apt for. The day following I will choose.

I feel as though I should choose Abnegation for Tessa, but I can't live here with my idiotic parents who hate me. I want to choose Dauntless. I have not confided to anyone my wish. It is extremely strange for an Abnegation to choose Dauntless. The only one in my memory is a boy from last year named Tobias Eaton. He and I had been quite good friends. I honestly think we were drawn to each other because both of our parents hated us, though his father actually abused him. I would see him come to school with the corners of angry lashes peeking out from the folds of his shirt. He wouldn't speak about them so I took the message. It didn't surprise me when he transferred. Maybe it won't surprise people if I transfer. Maybe Tessa won't resent me. I doubt it. Though she will hide it because she is Abnegation, she will hate me. I will be a blow on her life. Now that I think about it, I haven't really seen her with other friends. What will she do if I leave?

I run up the stairs, ignoring my mother's harsh comments, and go into my room. I hurl myself onto my plain bed and stare up at the air vent on my ceiling.

Why does life have to be so hard?

The next day I wear a long gray skirt and a long sleeved gray shirt for the aptitude tests. The Abnegation are very religious and we are not allowed to show any more of our body than our head, neck, feet, and hands. It taught me to be quite protective of my small body, though if that is good or bad I have absolutely no idea. I pull my hair into a neat bun and fasten it down with numerous bobby pins.

There are no classes in honor of the aptitude tests today so when I arrive in school, instead of going straight to math I make a beeline for the cafeteria. Tessa is waiting for me there and we sit down with the other Abnegation. The cafeteria is split into five sections as usual. It must look much like a rainbow with the wrong colors. Each of the factions have a color that represents them. My faction is all gray. We look a lot like a rainy day. The Amity are dressed in red and yellow, happy colors. Dauntless are black, Candor are black and white, and Erudite are blue.

Yes I decide, A very assorted rainbow.

Many people begin to get restless (especially the Dauntless) when the time between now and the tests stretches out longer and longer. Finally they begin calling two people from each faction in alphabetical order. My stomach begins to feel strangely squirmy and I regret the extra bowl of cereal this morning. They eventually reach the Rs.

"From Abnegation, Clara Rowley and Eva Ryder."

I stand up very ungracefully. Some people from other factions snicker and I feel my face redden as an Erudite whispers, "You go Stiff!"

Stiff is slang for Abnegation. We are considered the useless faction, the nobodies. I consider it my duty to prove people wrong. Of course I am not exactly the model Abnegation so it doesn't work so well. I glare at the Erudite as I walk toward the door. Again, not an Abnegation trait. I hear mutterings behind me as the door closes.

"Room two, Stiff," the women says. I walk into the room labeled with a 2 trying my best not to walk 'stiffly.'

Inside I see a simple dentist chair. A Dauntless women with black hair and many piercings on her ears is monitoring my test. She has a tattoo of a word I can't quite make out on her arm and a large tattoo of a hawk on her back.

"Sit," she says shortly, jerking her head toward the chair. Her numerous bracelets jingle. I sit at the edge of the chair cautiously.

"It won't bite," she says gruffly. I sit back slowly.

"Drink this," she commands, giving me a cup with clear blue liquid in it.

"Why?" I ask.

She looks at me apprehensively. "If you want to get tested, you drink." I decide it's best not to argue and I pour the contents of the glass cup into my mouth. The women takes it from me quickly and I am about to ask why she didn't let me put it back myself when my eyes close. My head thuds against the headrest and my still extended hand drops onto my lap.


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