Okay guys, I really need help. It's a matter of life and death.

Okay, no its not, but I seriously need help or either my head will explode, I will die from disappointment and/or confusion, or I will start crying. So yes, it is a matter of life and death. I AM BEGGING YOU TO COMMENT AND HELP ME ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1


Alright. So, my friend Shauna and I just switched lunch tables. We are now sitting with a new group of our friends, Erin, Olivia, Leila, Maddie, Megan, and Kamila. Erin and I have been friends for years and years, and we are very close. Kamila is Erin's best friend. Up until very recently, Kamila was one of my pretty good friends too. And by recently, I literally mean this started (at least, I noticed it) about a week ago. Last year, we sat next to each other in every class we had together, and this year we've talked to each and texted and stuff a lot, too. When Shauna and I began to sit at their table, Kamila flat out asked me Why are you sitting here?. Unlike my other friends though, she meant it as a legit question, and I could easily tell that what she really meant was Why are you sitting here, I don't like you. Now, Shauna and I moved there together, and we made a joint decision. Kamila was not asking Shauna this though, she specifically asked me. She asked me the same question yesterday and today (we switched Monday, and she wasn't here Tuesday.)

Today, Erin invited me to come to her track meet. While there, I told her that I thought Kamila didn't like me. Erin told me that yes, I was correct. Kamila does not like me. So there is the proof I need, in case you were doubting me.

I want to know what to do. I have literally no experience with people not liking me, or at least not as obviously as Kamila. Everyone I know, even the people that I don't like, likes me, except for Kamila (and this one girl, Avery, but she doesn't count.) I have never been in this situation, and it is freaking me out. Kamila is the kind of person that you want to like. I don't know what I should do. I could switch tables, but then it would seem like Kamila had won (and I'm just gonna say it, I cannot lose. I don't lose anything, losing does not work with me. Losing + me is like a Dalek + happiness). I could just brush it off, but I don't want people not liking me, and I honestly don't think I am a strong enough person to just brush it off. I really, really, really need suggestions on what I should do!!

Also, if it helps anyone, tomorrow is my friend Megan's birthday party, which our entire table minus Leila is invited to. I am somewhat worried because even though I know, like, and am liked by everyone there except Kamila, I don't know what's going to happen. I don't want her (and I doubt this would happen, but I am a big what-ifer) to play some mean/embarrassing prank on me, because if everyone gangs up on me, then it will either end with me trying to lighten the mood with some really bad, probably offensive joke which would not help anything, or I will just sit there and take whatever comes to me and be crying on the inside.

Another also: I don't think she qualifies as a bully, becaue everyone has that one kid that they hate, and I guess I am her 'one kid'.

I really want help on this though, because it is making me feel seriously insecure and kind of scared.

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