What would you Like to read?

Chapter 1

And so.. your options.

I haven't been on quibblo for about a thousand fortnights or so and since I'm on now I want to know what type of stories my people would like to read. Your options are...

1: Carnaval Dance.

A story set in a typical high school. The members of the school have been "entered" into a game where they must kill each other off to go back to their "former reality." Not your typical the-main-character-always-survives-story..

2. Darker (or maybe also called DragonBlood or HeartBlood? Haven't decided yet)

Have your heard the song Viva la Vida by Coldplay? (like actually listened to the lyrics?) There is a family line that hold a special blood in their veins called the Dragan's Blood, called because of a contract made between the "Old King" and a spiritual being. It's a good story.

A special notes to those who care... you know that story on my page, Once?. I will not continue that since it's one of those stories I actually want to publish. Don't bother reading it anyways. I changed everything.

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