Him and Me

Chapter 1

Him and Me

As I write this out I know he'll read
And realize i'm much more drunk than I seem
He is both my fear and greatest aspiration
He's my fall from God's grace and into temptation
I look into his blue eyes and see a new life
One where I don't hide bloody knives

How did a mere boy entice me so
And make me brave enough to let my feelings show
I sit and watch him roll his joints
Loving him is my greatest choice
Wishing we go run far away from here
If it was with him I'd lose all of my fears

It doesn't matter where we ever go
All I've ever wanted him to know
Is that he is handsome
And strong
And anyone who says otherwise is wrong

I know this man is the love of my life
And with this man I share my delight
It's hard to fine the words to explain
How much we share our pleasures and pains
He understands my deepest desires
In my heart he starts mighty fires

From Rivendell to Solitude
He can always increase my mood
Though tragedy and comedy
He shows me that life is just one big party
He shows the world he's just a rock star
While I rock along in the seat of his car

If I could keep one wish from my dreams
It would be that he'd always love me
He brings me closer to my true self
He makes me smile like nobody else
I think he deserves more than mere poetry
I'd offer him much more if I wasn't born into poverty

And though I write this testament of my love
The experience is brighter than the stars above
If I were only half as great as him
Just think of how marvelous my life could have been
Even if he locked my in the highest room of the tallest tower
My heart would still be under his power


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