Does he like me in that....way?

Please help me out!

Chapter 1


Well, I've known James since 4th grade, and we've been best friends since. Lately, he has been being completely honest to me about all of his feelings. Here are some things he has said to me:
- You are the most honest person I know, Haylie.
- You're the only one who really understands me, and I am very grateful.
- Just between you and me, you're the only trust-worthy girl ever.
When I was talking to him the other day, I was telling him about how everyone says that we would be the perfect couple, and that we will get married, and that I will get pregnant with his baby. When I told him that, he smiled! I didn't dare ask why he smiled. So, what do you think? Does he love me, or are we just REALLY good friends?


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