Kara;; car-uh

:light blonde hair to mid-back, slightly wavy: tan skin: small waist: toned body: small nose: angular face: small cupid's bow: long fingers: calloused palms and feet: strong cheekbones: large, blue eyes: graceful walk: long, skinny legs:

Chapter 5

A Simple Command

I made my way down a quiet hall to the head training room. I had gone the long way so I wouldn't have to talk to anyone.

I opened one of the large, metal doors, the right one, and stepped inside.

A bunch of snickers erupted.

"What's so funny?" I snapped at the group of boys.

"Another girl," one said arrogantly. He had short, light brown hair and dark olive skin. "This'll be easy."

I walked over, more stomped, and stoop with my hands on my hips looking down at him.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"You heard me," he said standing up and poking me near the manubrium of my sternum. He stood a good foot taller than me. "Now sit."

I punched him quickly in the sternum with all my force and my middle finger knuckle sticking out slightly.

He sucked his gut in in pain and quiet tears went down his face. He struggled for breath and his friends looked in horror.

"Now sit," I said venomously and pushed down near his collarbone so he was forced to the ground.

Blood leaked out of the side of his mouth and then he fell, no longer moving. A pool of blood slowly formed around him.

A slow clapping came from behind us. I turned to see a man with a short, white beard and slightly darker hair, an impressed, half-smile on his face.

"Bravo!" His wonderfully deep voice filled the room. "Joann, please take Isaac Thompson of the list."

Joann, his assistant, strutted off in her tiny pencil skirt that emphasized that she had never had children.

"I'm impressed Ms. Richards."

"I know," I answered. His body language made it clear.

"Well," he turned to everyone else. "Let us begin the challenges. You have competition."

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