Kara;; car-uh

:light blonde hair to mid-back, slightly wavy: tan skin: small waist: toned body: small nose: angular face: small cupid's bow: long fingers: calloused palms and feet: strong cheekbones: large, blue eyes: graceful walk: long, skinny legs:

Chapter 4

Nine New Children

I get in about an hour to and hour and a half of early training every day. I mainly work on punches though, since doing any extreme flips or kicks could result in injury from not stretching yet.

I made my way to the cafeteria, sweat beaded my forehead and my fly-aways stuck to my face.

I grabbed a plate and loaded it with a scoop of mashed sweet potato, scrambled eggs, and a green apple. I grabbed one of the smoothies and rushed to a table that was near empty.

I wanted to finish eating as quickly as I could and avoid conversation. I loved talking and would lose track of time if I did and I couldn't afford that. I had to be perfect and I was nearly there.

In the head conference room;;

"Sir, I'm not sure anyone is ready for this type of task," a woman stated thoughtfully. Her skin was a warm olive and her dark brown hair was pinned in a tight bun. Her eyes were small, angled, and framed by her strong cheekbones and brows. Her ears had piercings running up and down and tattoos peeked from her sleeves and collar.

"A few are," the man with, obviously, a higher status replied, "Not many at all, but maybe three to five prominent ones."

"Do you want me to fetch them?" she asked him, her voice was silky smooth and Italian.

"Yes, they need to have strenuous training over the next week followed by two good days of rest, then they'll be sent out," he pushed a piece of paper to her, "Here are the names."

"There's ten."

"We have to choose who's best."

Kara's POV

"Hello children," a warm woman's voice called over the microphone, she was clearly Italian. "We have chosen ten of you to compete for the opportunity to go on your first mission."

A few people whooped and cheered.

"The chosen people are: Tanner Rutland, Finn Whitfield, Bonnie Lancaster, Isaac Thompson, Nathaniel Summers, Keith Shultz, Daniel Smithson, Sam Caldwell, Carter Ellington, and Kara Richards. Please come immediately to the head training facility after you've finished eating. Thank you."

I was in shock. People were cheering for the others and the kids at my table were smiling and congratulating me but they had to be wrong. I couldn't go on a mission. But then again, I'd never tried.

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