Kara;; car-uh

:light blonde hair to mid-back, slightly wavy: tan skin: small waist: toned body: small nose: angular face: small cupid's bow: long fingers: calloused palms and feet: strong cheekbones: large, blue eyes: graceful walk: long, skinny legs:

Chapter 3

Just Acquaintances

I opened my eyes to the dim light of morning. The lights would brighten over time. The numbers on my clock glowed 6:38. An average time to wake up. I got up, grabbing my tablet that would tell me my assignments for the day although I could probably guess.

Liliana Kate was up. I could tell by the indentations in her mattress through the wooden boards of our bunk. I could also see Yasmine and Keith were awake. There tablets faintly glowing on their faces.

Liliana Kate had chin length, wavy caramel hair with rose gold highlights. Her eyes were small and dark brown. Her skin was pale without a single freckle and she had a celestial nose. The lack of true sunlight left most of us without many freckles. She was short but skinny. She stood about four inches shorter than me. I was 66 inches. Her chest was larger than most girls which got her a lot of unwanted attention. She would always complain to Jessica, who was basically flat chested still at 13, about it. She was long-waisted but you could barely tell.

Keith had auburn hair that leaned more towards brown and pale grey-blue eyes. His skin was fairly tan but paler than Rory's. His eyes were small but round and framed by thick, dark lashes. His nose was clearly Greek and he was much broader than Rory. He had a dopey, crooked smile that made him approachable along with his broad teddy bear resemblance.

I read my list of things to do. It was the same as every Friday.

8:00-8:25 ; Breakfast (1 sweet potato, 2 eggs, apple, pear-banana-berry smoothie)

8:30-10:00 ; Yoga and stretching

10:05-11:00 ; Weaponry-hand to hand combat-blocks

11:05-12:00 ; Cardio

12:05-12:30 ; Lunch (Perch with lemon, bell pepper, and apricot, steamed asparagus with lemon and garlic, fruit salad)

12:35-4:00 ; Geography-Science-Literature-Strategy

4:05-5:00 ; Choose your subject(s)

5:05-6:00 ; Dinner (Sun dried tomato and cilantro roast, salad, dried fruit)

6:05-7:30 ; Free time

7:35-8:00 ; Get ready for bed

Lights out at 8:30

I closed my tablet and swung my legs off the bed. I headed out the door and to the right, headed towards the bathroom to get ready.

I went to my locker. Number 306. I unlocked it and pulled out my suit for the day. I'd stick my pajamas in there later to be collected later and washed. I headed to the sinks and washed my face. I then brushed my hair and secured it into a french braided bun. I went into the changing room and locked the door since there was about 30 other girls int he bathroom getting ready also. I slipped out of my pajamas and into my suit. It was skin tight but movable. It had a strong fabric across the elbows, chest, knees, chins, and around our wrists to protect us from breaks, scrapes, and fractures. My shoes were mesh and breathable and went around each toe so it looked like a foot almost. My gloves covered my palms to protect them but left my fingers open so I could grip the gym bars and weapons without slipping.

I went out and put chapstick on to protect my lips from the artificial heat and left to go to the training room.

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