Kara;; car-uh

:light blonde hair to mid-back, slightly wavy: tan skin: small waist: toned body: small nose: angular face: small cupid's bow: long fingers: calloused palms and feet: strong cheekbones: large, blue eyes: graceful walk: long, skinny legs:

Chapter 2

Kara, then Julie, then Kara

The children in these scientific departments always know where they came from. Most have a letter from their mother, father, or both.

I have one.

I reached a quivering hand into the mesh holder underneath the top bunk. It's where I stored my personal items other than my clothing. It was an old envelope. The seal was faded and light yellow from being opened for so many years.

In relaxed cursive, mastered by years, was my name, written right in the middle of the small, white envelope. I'd opened it so many times but yet, my hands still quivered every time.

I took out the simple, lined piece of paper. It was college ruled and my mother's handwriting still was stationed below the top line.

Kara, it began.

I sit in tears as I write this. I wish I could keep you. but it won't work. Your father, Isaac, and I come from very strict families. We did something stupid but you came out of it. You were so beautiful when you were born. You cried and cried but as soon as I held you, you calmed down and I could see those bright blue eyes, my bright blue eyes. I could tell you'd have your father's hair, a light blonde mess. I wish I'd get to see how beautiful you'd become.

Once you were born, a man and a woman walked in. They were from the place you were going, and I assume you now live. They were very nice people. The woman introduced herself as Elaine and the man introduced himself as Oliver. They smiled so much when they saw you. The woman explained she couldn't have children so you would be as if you were hers. There were tears in her eyes as I let her hold you. She was so, so, so happy. That made me glad, I knew you'd be taken care of. You wouldn't have to struggle socially, there'd be no bullies, you'd have a good, family-oriented environment. Even though the people around you wouldn't be your blood family.

Oliver gave me a slip of paper with an address in Italy on it. This letter would then go to six other addresses before it was finally hand delivered to the place you now live. I sobbed once they'd taken you because I knew I'd never see you again. I don't even know what continent you live on. They didn't explain why it was so secretive, only that one day you would help the world. They also let me name you before they left. I chose Kara after my mother. Her name is Kara also but it's pronounced care-uh, not car-uh. I hope you like your name. Your father wanted me to name you Juliette after myself but I knew Kara would fit you better. As soon as I saw that determined glint in those beautiful blue eyes of yours, I knew.

You'll do great things, Kara.

I love you so, so, so much!

Your always loving mother,

That was it. I held onto the locket around my neck. She'd given it to Elaine before they took me. Elaine had put it on me as soon as I was trusted enough not to break it. It had my mother's picture and my father's picture. They were young. I guessed not even 20 and they smiled happily. My father had dimples and my mother had a slender face.

Elaine and Oliver had also made me a scrapbook with tons of pictures gathered publicly of my mother and father. They put simple information like their birthdays, schools, jobs, etc. It was stuff they'd found on the internet. I put the letter back into the mesh pocket. My hands stills shook.

The only person in our bunker, AK12, who didn't have a letter was Carrie. She was 17 and didn't talk much. She seemed nice though and she was a great thinker. Fighting wasn't her strong suit but she had a good aim so they'd probably make her a sniper or guard.

There were 8 people in our bunker. Carrie, Rory, Keith, Alissa, Jessica, Liliana Kate, Yasmine, and me. Elaine and Oliver slept in a small apartment area across the hall. They were nice but strict. They said they had high expectations that they knew we could reach. I respected that. They loved us like their own.

Rory, Keith, Yasmine, and Alissa slept on the left side of the room. Carrie, Jessica, Liliana Kate and I slept on the right side. There were two bunks on each side. The top bunkers, Keith, Yasmine, Carrie, and Liliana Kate, had mesh compartments attached to the ceiling. We bottom bunkers, had mesh compartments on the bunk above us. It was a small room with four sets of drawers for clothes. Each had four drawers and two small cabinets on it which were divided among bunk mates equally. You tended to befriend your bunkmate, except for me and Carrie. We were loners. So Jessica and Liliana Kate were friends. I was a loner because I focused on working and training as long as I was awake. Carrie was a loner because she just always was. She doesn't really like befriending people. I'm not sure why.

The light flicked off, signalling it was time for bed. I rolled over on my side and pulled my quilt up to my neck, it tended to get cold at night even though we had two heaters in our room that never turned off. I quietly said my prayers and whispered a good night to everyone as I always did. They all replied but Carrie, as they always did. It was routine and routine never changes.

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