Kara;; car-uh

:light blonde hair to mid-back, slightly wavy: tan skin: small waist: toned body: small nose: angular face: small cupid's bow: long fingers: calloused palms and feet: strong cheekbones: large, blue eyes: graceful walk: long, skinny legs:

Chapter 1

Department AK12

In 2041, scientists created a secret lab located in Antarctica. The building was located underground with heaters year-round and artificial light, generating a life-like alternative to the surface world. The underground station was virtually untraceable.

Their motive was simple; engineer children who could kill anything without any remorse, create peace between the continents, communicate with all humans, deaf, blind, and mute, understand the body language of all animals known to man. They would know every language, all history back to 1000 BC, how to operate over 2500 weapons and create over 500 with natural resources. They would be the ultimate survival and military machines, both for fighting and peace.

The children were supplied by willing females who could not properly care for their children as an alternative to adoption or abortion. The scientists promised no harm would come to their child without the child's consent.

In order for this experiment to work and work well, the children would need to be raised wanting to learn as much as they could at all costs. They would be geniuses in logic, debate, math, science, history, literature, grammar, language, fighting, strategy, mechanics, and human and animal behavior.

The scientists cared for the children as their own, watching them, advancing them, teaching them.

Most children were great, few were wonderful, but one- she was outstanding; Kara.

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