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Chapter 1


Before you start reading the information please read this: Okay, so Friday during the whole school day I was in the theater listening to a live annual broadcast from Atlanta, Georgia called Leadercast, and while watching and listening, ideas started flowing in my brain for yet another group story. I learned a lot at this leadership assembly (if you want to call it that) and there was a lot of inspiration, so my idea that you'll soon be reading about is sparked from that, without going to Leadercast on Friday, I wouldn't have came up with this. This is me giving credit to them.


What if in a corrupt futuristic world there stands an academy for the purpose of creating tomorrow's leaders?

Main Details

The year is 2195 on the planet Confrag (our modern day Earth) and society and the economy are in ruins after a series of wars, bloodshed, death, extreme weather, famine/disease, shortages, and inflation. You can't control the weather, but what about the others... Who is to blame? The leaders of the world right now blame the citizens. They rebelled. They broke out into war. They became savages. However, the greater question is why. Why did they rebel, why did they break into war, why did they become savages? If you asked the civilians, the answer to why is clear. The people who claimed to be their leaders weren't doing their jobs. They only cared about themselves like many people do when offered a chance of power. The leaders controlled everything not for the greater good of the people, but so they could control just a bit longer. Can you blame the citizens for revolting when nothing the leaders do is fair? Of course not. Their lifestyles were in ruins and the leaders were dining and living life within the walls of luxury. However, one man could change the entire playing field in benefit for society as a whole. You see, his name was Matey Polluck and he had a vision, a vision that could create new leaders that followed everything we want to see in a leader. He constructed a plan to create a new academy that focused on leadership and development of current 17-18 year olds by focusing on six main things:

1. Beyond you
2. Simplicity
3. Creativity
4. Bravery
5. Vision
and 6. Insight.

He hoped that if these six main ingredients to good leadership were taught to future leaders of tomorrow, then society could repair itself and no longer be broken.

However, he never could've imagined the outcome to his plan. Will it fail or will it succeed? Will the teenagers be able to find themselves within the walls of the academy?

Other relevant details to the big picture of this story

1. The Academy is called P.A.T.H (Polluck's Academy for Tomorrow's Heads)
2. There are 6 divisions the characters will be placed based on one aspect that Polluck himself saw the characters already possessed for leadership.
3. The divisions are the same to the ideas that are taught in this school.
• Praet: The division that shows beyond you characteristics already. They are selfless and they show kindness. They are willing to risk their selves for the sake of others or for the greater picture. Their colors are gold and white and what they bring to the table is the influence that is for the sake of others.
• Gracil: The division shows simple characteristics already. They are clear and they know just what to do. They can ease any tense situation with a snap of their fingers if something becomes complex. Their colors are black and white and what they bring to the table is clarity to the complicated.
• Lorem: The division shows bright artistic minds that are ready to dream. They are the ones who are considered down to earth and free. They make people want to dream of a brighter tomorrow. Their colors are green and silver and what they bring to the table is an atmosphere that allows others to dream.
• Virum: The division shows traits of bravery already. They are courageous and they are bold. They are the protectors and make people feel safe. Their colors consist of red and bronze and what they bring to the table is posture of relentless fearlessness.
• Horom: This division shows vision already. They are big picture thinkers who often are persuasive and determined. They are the eyes to the world. Their colors are teal and grey and what they bring to the table is actual movement towards a better tomorrow.
• Sagacit: This division shows insight. They are logical and they are wise. They are the ones who people go to for the facts and the answer. Their colors are yellow and navy blue and what they bring to the table is solutions with the wise factors.
4. The school is located in our modern day Paris. (Now called Lonat)
5. Like any school there are other things learned at this academy. The students still learn their basics: math, science, history, literature, writing, and other electives on top of their leadership classes.

Before character information, please make sure you follow the guidelines
1. You must write within a week and three days unless I'm notified that you need an extended time period
2. You have to be willing to write and not just stop in the middle of the story
3. No perfect characters (they must have flaws and fears)
4. No orphans (at least one family member)
5. I need an event amount of boys and girls
6. Make your characters differ from one another
7. Put your characters in as much as detail as possible
8. Love interests are optional but recommended
9. This is NOT first come first serve
10. The characters who will be chosen will be asked if they have any ideas to pitch in so this story can be the best that it can be.

Character Information

Age: remember 17 or 18
Family Background:
Love Interest:
Other Information:

My Character

Name: Weslee Lynn Rose
Nickname: N/A
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: shoulder length wavy dark auburn hair that's often up, cloudy grey eyes with specs of blue, fair skin with freckles splattering her nose, has a light red birthmark visible on the left side of her face, 5'3.5 and 125 lbs (so slightly below average height with an average weight), has at least a half smile always on her face even if it doesn't match the emotions in her eyes, small upturned nose.
Personality: kind, considerate, reliable, cooperative, approachable, quiet, clumsy, selfless, humble, sensitive, unorganized, despite a calm demeanor: anxious and sometimes paranoid, has troubles saying no, and at times reluctant.
Family Background: born into a family with three older brothers and both parents still alive. Her dad was part of one of the rebel groups fighting for a better life so he could give his family something that his dad never gave him. He ended up dying in one of the massive bloodsheds just after her second younger sister was born. Her mom and three brothers after her father's death picked up the duties and continued to follow his memories in inspiration for a greater tomorrow.
Love Interest: TBD
Other Information: Her dad was her best friend and so when he died, she promised herself that she would make him proud and she knew just how to do that by the lessons he taught he while he was alive. She loves to help others and listen to them if they need to talk. Her favorite pastime is to cook with her closest brother (he owns a bakery and is only 19) and volunteer. Her fears include: fire, losing more loved ones, not being able to make her family proud, suffocation, heights, the dark, deep waters, and pain. Lastly, she keeps a journal that she writes in every day so her emotions can be in control and her brain can relax instead of bottling everything up and letting her feelings get in the way of helping others.

So sign up please and thank you for reading!

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