The Werewolf Prince

The Werewolf Prince

Scarlette led a fairly simple life, well simple for a 21 year old, mateless werewolf running from who knows what. Her godmother won't tell her anything about their past, exept that their pack was murdered when Scarlette was three.

Now meet Prince Tryton Rayne. Handsome prince of werewolves, devious, funny and charming. Now throw in a whole lot of blant insults, adventure, stubbornness and you have 'The Werewolf Prince'

Chapter 1

A meal for two

by: Tigersaga
'The harsh, cold wind swept along my soft white fur as I raced towards the frolicking stag. Snow flew up behind me, signifying winter was here. As he realised I was racing towards him pure terror scarred his handsome face. But it was to late for the stag, for I was already upon him, choking him, depriving him of the breath he so desperately needed. With it's last reserve of energy he tried to kick my soft belly, but missed narrowly. I watched as the light faded out of his spirited eyes. I shifted my gaze nervously, but not smelling an another wolf I began munching on the buck's hind leg. I savoured the juicy raw meat, eating slowly.'

The sudden stillness in the air snapped me out of my revere, and a menacing growl erupted from the shadows. I narrowed my silver eyes trying to find source. As the light black figure stepped out of the shadow's a low, angry growl sounded from my throat. The light black wolf seemed to understand that I would fight him for dominance, and showed his neck in submission. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously but stopped growling to clean my paws of blood and grim of my last meal, a measly rabbit.

The male smelt the air and whimpered hungrily, but did not dare to try and eat the left overs. Glancing back at it I decided to share, and nudged it near him. He bark softly in thanks, creeping closer to my face. 'Are you one of us?' He probed in my head. I growled at him lowly and closed my mind to him, so he couldn't see my thoughts, except for the one's I projected to him. 'I am one if you are.' I thought back. Receiving my telepathic message, he backed up, tail between his legs. 'But you are female, are you not?' I snorted into the cold air and replied, 'Yes...and your point being?' At this thought the wolf seemed to sigh. 'My name is Tryton.' I looked in his...(gosh)...breath-taking blue eyes, my wolf urging me to tell him my name. 'Stop being so stupid Scarlette!' I scolded my wolf, and the part of me that agreed with the wolf, then began to move away from him to take a nap.

'The common practice is that when someone introduces themselves you give them your name' The black male told me. 'I don't give a rat's about 'common practices' alpha pup.' I retorted finding a good spot to lie down. 'Alpha pup! I am older than you!' 'How do you know that?' Tryton froze, as if I had caught him stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. 'I just do.' He told me uncomfortably. 'Why did you call me 'apha pup' when you are obviously one yourself?' 'You ask to many questions you know; and I am obviously not some stuck up, arrogant, irresponsible, despicable-' 'Woah! Easy there girl, or you might run out of synonyms.' The wolf made a low chuckle sound, walking over to my curled up form and began to nuzzle me 'What the hell are you doing?!' I cried leaping to me feet. I growled deeply, and threateningly at him and he recoiled in surprise.

'I am sorry, I didn't realise that you have different customs out here in the wild.' 'And what 'custom' was that?' I replied sarcastically. Tryton sighed and walked back to the rabbit. Gnawing on the rabbit he replied, 'I was apologising without words.' 'Apologising for what?' I asked, my wolf and I were both puzzled. 'Well you evidently called me ' stuck up, arrogant, irresponsible, despicable' and you were probably going to call much more nastier names. So I apologised for whatever I did wrong.' Now this was weird, first of all an alpha wolf was apologising for something he never did, that was uncalled for, and secondly my wolf was going all melty when I looked at him, especially his gorgeous blue eyes.

We sat in comfortable silence until...'Where is your pack, will they be okay with me being here?' The anxious tone in his voice(thought, whatever) was enough to make any wolf laugh. 'Well will they?' He pestered me, but I ignored him preferring to stick my head into the cool wind that gusted around my body. Then I smelt it. The pungent smell of a beta blasted through my senses and I bolted up, growling low and taking a step towards the beta smell.

A grey nose appeared from behind some forestry growling right back. Tryton seemed to recognise him and began to snap at my jaw, 'Please don't hurt him! Is all I have left of my pack!' I glanced back at the distressed wolf and back at the grey beta. The older wolf had stopped growling, and, I realised, so had I when Tryton had asked me to. I circled around thegrey male, and noticed a huge gash on his side, 'May I help?' I asked politely. The beta blinked in surprise, 'Yes please.' I took a close look and told the alpha pup-er I mean Tryton- 'You lick the wound on his front leg.' I commanded him beginning to clean his rear wound.

The beta whimpered at first but was silent during the rest of the task. Slowly but surely his skin began to knit together again. 'Thank you miss.' I nodded my head and collapsed onto the snow. 'Next time I do that I shall have a bucket of water next to me, to dip my tongue into.' I told them. The males' made a wolfy laugh. 'I shall hunt, you will need food after those wounds, werewolf saliva won't suffice.' 'A alpha, a hunter, and a healer..are you a rogue?' 'Dahm it!' I cursed to myself. My wolf was dancing with joy that he had been paying so much attention to me, but I rolled my eyes at her. So they could see. 'Give me the name of someone in your pack, then.' He demanded. 'Renae Whitnbe.' I replied turning my white tail to him. 'Stay with your beta, alpha. It would be best for everybody.' I growled at him. Nodding he looked away from my bold gaze. I turned my attention to the sounds of the forest and began my hunting.

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