The day I became FM etc

Chapter 1

I'm only doing this bc I'm sick of it being in my about me.

Featured Member:

31st October 2012 (Halloween)
16th June 2013
19th February 2014
15th July 2014
13th May 2017 (the first day I realised because people can be FM for days/weeks now)

You can see what my badge looks like (here).

I once got an honourable mention for the story (Black) around May 2013
I won Quibblo Competition 44 with my quiz (What is your Goth name?) on 20th May 2014 which was displayed on the home page. You can see a screen shot (here).

I won "Most Mature user" on the 15/06/14 which can be viewed (here).
I got a virtual prize for it, too, which can be viewed (here)

I got a Quibblo compliment on the 04/07/14 which you can view (here)


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