About Me Repost


Chapter 1

About me

*School Life

Your Enemy~ don't have one. well....

Your Crush~ a guy from my choir. i don't have as big of a crush on him as i used to, though.

Your Best Friend~ idk anymore...

The Person That You Go To For Advice~ no one. i have one friend who gives me advice anyway, but it isn't helpful. she either tells me what i should've done or tells me how to feel

The Person That Your Jealous Of~most of the people that i know. they don't know how lucky they are. they really don't

Most Popular Person~ this girl in my class. she may not be as mean as i thought she was, but she's still overrated as a person. she's never done anything that significant, but everyone thinks that she is fantastic because she shows common courtesy(pathetic, huh?)

Most Annoying Person~ my friend sometimes. she's awesome, i just hate it when she tells me how to feel. she basically has a perfect life. she can even pout about small problems.

Person You Have A Lot Of Things To Say To~ my former friend

Things You Would Say To That Person~i know that we've grown apart, but just know that i'm here for you.

Things You Would Say To Your Crush~hi.(if i had the courage to, that is)

Person You Pretend To Like, But You Really Dislike~no one. i don't believe in pretending to like people. i think that you should be civil to everyone, but you don't have to pretend to be glad to see them or whatever.

*Home Life

How Late Do You Usually Go To Sleep On School Nights?~ 9:30PM. My dad...

Weekend Nights~ around 11:30PM. My dad...

Favorite TV Show~ Vampire Diaries

Favorite Things To Do During The Week~ creative writing, singing, going on quibblo, watch vampire diaries

Favorite Things To Do During The Weekend~ same list as above, sleep


Your Best Friend~ idk anymore...(this question has already been asked)

Something You Would Say To Your Friend~ i lied. i'm really not okay

One Thing You Don't Like About Your Friend~ idk if i have a best friend

Something You Love About Them~ idk if i have a best friend

Your Nickname From Them~ i don't have one.


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