SRT (Some Random Things)

Chapter 1

Songs that describe me

Let It Go by Idina Menzel

Isolation is like a prison to me and if I was alone, I could never handle it. My anger sometimes get the best of me and I get mad and run off. I never want anyone to know who I truly am and what my true story is. I hide myself behind a closed door to hide myself. Fears have controlled me for a long time, and now I am letting them go. I have always been controlled by rules, now I am not listening to them. I am never going to cry to the bullies who push me around. I am never going back to being who I used to be and I am never going to be the perfect, truthful girl that I have always had to be. I want to be more than I was, be different. One day I want to stand out but also to be the shy girl.

They Live In You (Lion King)

I hear words from many people that tell me to have faith. I feel like people are always watching over me to make sure I am safe and protected. I feel like my reflection is of my past relatives. My family live in me in spirit and I know they are making sure I got further than they have. Spirits are one of the things that live in anything from nature. That is my truth.

All Star

I am not the strongest and I am not the smartest. I am always trying to do the best I can and I am always living life for fun. I am a shooting star trying to reach my full potential, shining bright. I want to get away from my my life and get a new life and to just have some change. I always want to find new things and discover new things in this world. If I don't glow, then I am not a star.

Part Of Your World

Many people just don't understand the way I think and the way I do things, but I just try and be the curious little kid nobody else I know wants to be. This world has such wonderful things but not many people are stepping up to explore new lands and new things. So many things to discover. I want to rise above everybody and to discover the world more in depth. I want to learn answers to the year old questions. I am the lone one left out and I want to be the one different than everyone.

Stronger (Kelly Clarkson)

I am feeling alone and despressed but you know what, even though you wash away my happiness and make me feel less of a person than I know I am, I am always gonna be one step closer to the top than the people who put me down, and I fight my way through the people who bring me back down. You think after so many insults I will just go away but the bullies don't know, what hasn't killed me makes me stronger, and because of the bullies' insults, I think better of myself and I keep fighting and being who I want to be. Bullies are less of a problem for me.

Life is a Highway

Life takes you down many paths but the one I want to take is the longest, the highway of life, one day I am one place and one day I am in another. I am always going to new places, and I am not going to be stuck up in one place. I am always going down that long path of surprises. Riding down the highway and finding new people and new places is in my heart. Meeting new people and new friends is like riding down the highway of life and you just want to keep going.

Colours of the Wind

People take granted of the things the Earth gives us, but what I focus on is the creatures and the people who need our help the most. We need to stop being selfish and stop thinking about ourselves, and start helping out the people the less fortunate than us. We need to try and accept people for who they are and to never leave no one out. People only care about the people who are most like them, and if someone different than you comes around, you will bully them.

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