Chapter 1


Buckle up, enjoy the ride

I can be your man,
I can be your guy.
I can be your fan,
Baby, don't ask why.

I can be your knight,
I can be your hero,
I can be just right,
But I'm just zero.

I can be your ride,
I can be your car,
I can break your stride,
No you won't go far.

I can be your boy,
I can be your dog,
I can be your toy,
With my cigarette fog.

I am what constrains,
I am what prevails.
I don't mind chains,
Sweetie, I'm off the rails.

They call it crystal,
I call it fun.
Pick up a pistol,
That's how it's done.

Open up your beer,
A couple green trees.
Watch them over here,
Stinging like bees.

I get low, I get high,
I get slow, I get fast,
Sweetie, don't deny,
Your moment never passed.

You still buckled in? Good

Jump off the streetlights,
I'm f(u)cking fine.
Screw all those human rights,
That sh(i)t is just sublime.

We're on paragraph ten,
Yeah, it's strange, I know, oh.
I'm still worried about Ben,
Will his sister make it 'til the snow?

We're on number eleven,
He told me I was damned to Hell,
But mummy's locked in heaven,
I shagged Miss R, I don't kiss and tell.

And the big but,
No not arse,
Alex, just stay put,
The house is sparse.

Oh sweetie, the teenage years,
Oh darling, the childhood days,
Oh lovely, the childish fears,
Oh dear, the lonely ways.

Fourteen and I might've been mental,
Just another day and I'd have eaten paper,
The Biersack diet to piss off the rentals,
Would've been safer with a hand and a stapler.

Now here's where we are now,
Don't mind me, run away.
I'm a comic book like ka-pow,
Maybe another day?

Into the future, like The Sims,
Always thought I'd be okay,
Dancing alone, sipping on Pimms,
Snowcaine, cocaine, never f(u)cking okay.



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