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I know, I know. I never started (Or even picked the authors) for my last group story, but......I'm just not feeling it. I'm not going to delete it yet, but I'm not going to start it. At least not yet. I feel like this one will be better. Knocks on wood

Chapter 1

Please read everything.

Four teenagers; Four stories; One reason.

Four teenagers by the names of Liz, __, ___, and ___, write fanfiction. Like any other fangirl (or fanboy), they wish that these characters that they love so much were real. But, since they're not, they'll settle for fanfic. Each of these teens has made a OC whose fictional life has become intertwined with the characters of some book, movie, anime, or whatever. So what happens when the original characters come to life and join Liz, _, _, and _ in the real world? Dream come true, right?
See, in the real world, the OCs that the teens have created, don't exist. And that makes for some very unhappy fanfic characters. Who are they going to take it out on?
The teen who created the OC, of course.
With the guidance of some mysterious notes, these teens travel to a secret house in the forest, dragging along the characters they only ever dreamed of being real.
There, they all meet and see they are not the only ones in this position. Can they figure out what happened, and why these characters are in their life? And possibly send them back? Or will something hold them back from that? Could that something be love? Or perhaps a darker force? Or maybe even both?


Okay, I know that's probably confusing so here's an example of what I mean.

Sammy writes a Harry potter fanfic. Her OC (Original Character) is Delina Moore. Delina falls in love with Harry in the story. One day, as Sammy is writing the next chapter for the fanfic, Harry comes out of it. He immediately want Delina, but she's not real. He's angry and blames Sammy. After a bewildering day trying to figure what just happened, Sammy finds a mysterious note. It tells her to take Harry and go into the forest to such and such place. She convinces Harry to come and set off. When they get to the house, Sammy finds three other teenagers with famous characters at their sides. As they try to figure out how to send the characters back, Sammy starts to fall for Harry (Because who wouldn't fall in love with a fictional character come to life X]). What they don't know is a darker force is at work.

So I hope that makes it more clear, if not, message me and I'll try to explain it better.

Also, you (as in the teen) do not have to fall in love with the famous character(s) that you choose. It's optional.


~No total bad
~No leather jackets
~Do not put the word sad, rough, or bad (or any synonym of it) in your character's history. I'm sorry, but I feel it's over done.
~No more than two famous characters can come out into the real world
~No Mary-Sues.
~No duplicate fanfictions
~Keep swearing to a minimum
~Keep violence to a minimum
~Do NOT, what so ever, in any way shape or form; comment about another user's character sign-up. That's just rude.


Age: (15 or 16)
Personality: (Good and bad)
Appearance: (No perfects)
Famous Characters [that come into real life]: (up to two)
Character's character [The OC, that your character writes about]:
Will your character fall in love with the famous character: (If you have two, you can only pick one)Yes/No

My Character:

Name: Liz Montaroy
Age: 16
Gender: F
Personality: She can be as stubborn as a mule, as well as impatient at times; generally, she's kind and cheery, but energetic to the point where some may see her as a little weird; she's actually quite intelligent, but she feels as if she's not as smart as her friends, she doesn't let it get to her though, and just throws it over her shoulder; She's loyal as a dog, and when it comes to romance, shes as shy as a turtle.
Appearance: She's 5 foot 5, but scrawny and she doesn't look as tall as she actually is; She has small green eyes, and they are so deep set that her eye lashes almost touch her eyebrows; she has a light skin tone, with a splash of freckles across her nose; Her auburn hair sets naturally in tight medium-small ringlets, and reaches her shoulders.
Fanfic: Hetalia
Famous Characters [that come into real life]:Russia and Japan
Character's character: Willow Train
Will your character fall in love with the famous character: Yes
Other: N/A



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