Quibbloians Scored Quiz (Story)

Just read on, I had an idea earlier today.

Chapter 1


Today I had an idea and that idea was where instead of asking questions on a topic, I would ask questions about Quibbloians for other Quibbloians to answer. For example it could be something like "What is YourGothicNightmare's favourite colour"? If you're interested, comment on this and then I'll message you asking you what question you want to answer. I'll let you know if someone has already said that one.

This is just a basic idea for now, but if I get a better idea I'll apply it. Oh yes, and to make things easier, once you've already done it, please don't comment again or at least say you've already done it in brackets. :)

But hurry, I'm only doing 15 questions so only 15 users. It's okay if you don't get a turn this time, I'll do more if people like them.


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