Shout outs/Friend them!

If you have not friended them, then friend them, please?!?!??

Chapter 1

Friend Them!!

To start off with all of you amazing people,
This user is very nice and funny, and definitely deserves more friends!
She was the first person to friend me on quibblo! She deserves alot of praise for everything she does, and deserves more friends. Please check out her profile!
She is very helpful, and you can ask her anything! She always knows the best answer to any problem you face, and is completely honest.
She is all about helping people! She can always make you smile when you need it, and knows everything about making people happy!
She loves music, and knows everything about it! She is a really nice and cool person, and she needs some praise!
He is just plain awesome! He really deserves more friends!
She is an amazing person, and she knows how to keep you laughing and smiling all day! Friend her, if you haven't already.

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