Some of my Pet Peeves

Title says all

Chapter 1

Shine bright like a Doitsu~

1. When people walk by your desk.

This has several reasons, for one they ALWAYS bump your desk and whenever they put their hand on your desk, and I'm just like, "If you want to keep that hand, then get it off my books..."

2. Cheat Spammers on YouTube

Okay, so I watch these Sim playthrough videos when I try to go sleep, and the comments are always either saying he's gay or how to ise the money cheat, when he's even said he doesn't use cheats, and I've seen it like, 5 times on one video. I mean seriously...don't you guys have anything better to do than that? At least see if people have already put it before.


If you don't like something/someone don't go saying it/they suck and that no one should watch them or whatever. If it's on YouTube than just dislike the video. By the way, why are you even on a video of something you hate anyways?! Makes no sense...


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