In Darkness, Never In Light (original poem)

Here's my entry to Writing Contest 40! Good luck to everyone else in the contest! Please rate my poem and leave a comment :D Plus, if you leave a link to your own entry I'd be happy to read it!

Chapter 1

In Darkness, Never In Light

The air crackles
The night cries out
The shadows scream
As I lay and shout.

I am swallowed by grass
The blades dig into my skin
The demons claw at my skull
Begging to be let in.

I inhale the euphoria
Mixed with air
Darkness clothes my bones
And the devil's lair.

I close my eyes
And yet they stay
The eyes in the dark
That don't go away.

They're watching me
Those angry eyes
Filled with the hatred
I've come to despise.

The eyes are sore
Onto no face are they sewn
The map of scarlet veins
Is like my own.

I heave myself up
From my bed of grass
And make my way
Across the carpet of glass.

With every step
I wearily take
I become less and less

Am I dreaming,
What is this place?
Where was I born?
And where is my grave?

I reach the water
And let the coolness caress my feet
I step into the water
Until I'm in deep.

My body is tired
My arms are weak
With a final breath
I let myself sink.

I open my mouth
To speak no word
But to let water fill
What's best unheard.

I've reached a point
Where I cannot feel
I'm an empty shell
Who doesn't know what's real.

I may as well be blind
For I cannot see
I don't care what's there
Surrounding me.

The pain reaches the edges
Of my frayed soul
And hopelessness claims me
As it's own.

Born from mud
From God I am not
The ground birthed me once
And in the ground I shall rot.

Silence grows
And my heartbeat falls
But I don't care
I don't care at all.

I see the eyes
In front of me
I've had the last laugh
The winner is me.

The cold judgement
I shall not face
I have risen up
And gained my grace.

As the sound fades
And light can no longer resist
My senses dulled
Before I notice.

The angry eyes
Begin to close
And it's only that I realise
They are my own.

Inspiration Behind My Poem
The theme of my poem is self esteem, and how it destroys us. Society's judgement of people is disgusting. Women are expected to be thin, with large breasts and a tiny waist, which is a very unnatural body shape. This makes many girls think of themselves as fat just because they're not as thin as models, who often have plastic surgery or are photoshopped to achieve the image companies want their products to be endorsed with.

The music industry is corrupt. I can't think of a popular female music artist who isn't stunningly beautiful. It's a sad fact but beautiful people sell more albums than people who are more average looking, someone who doesn't meet society's idea of beautiful.

This unrealistic ideal causes many to feel insecure. I often feel ugly compared to the models, singers and actresses whom I see so often in magazines, on the Internet, in social media, in movies, on billboards. These people populate my day to day life and even though I don't personally know any of them, I feel inferior.

So, what did I decide to do with all these emotions? Write a poem of course!

Poem Recommendations!

My absolute favourite poems is A Person, A Paper, A Promise, which is featured in Stephen Chbosky's book 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' You can hear it being read here:


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