Second Chances are Hard to Come By

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Chapter 1

The Fingers to the Flames ~Majorie Paige Ruskin~

No feeling, no warmth, no sound and numbness was how I woke up. I was dizzy and empty. I felt like everything except my body was paralyzed. I could sit, I could stand, and I could walk but it didn't feel like it meant a thing to me. I didn't know where I was, I didn't even care until my sensations came back to me. It was like a wave that washed over. One moment there was nothing to me and the next everything was back.

The sky above me was grey and the ground below me was gravel. It wasn't warm but at the same time it wasn't cold here. I knew I wasn't at home, in fact in the back of my mind I knew I wasn't even in the United States anymore. Where I was though, I didn't know.

"How did I get here?" I questioned myself before I remembered what happened.

My mind faded into the darkness, everything spun around and around while smoke filled my lungs creating suffocation that couldn't be escaped. I was alone with the flames as they wrapped their fingers around me starting at my toes and going upwards like a boa constrictor

My eyes snapped down to my hands to see the burns disappearing. It was an otherworldly experience to watch myself heal and show no more traces of the accident.

Furrowing my eyebrows in disbelief though, I whispered under my breath, "How does that happen?"

I shook my head confused but amazed at the same time before gazing around at my surroundings and taking a deep, long and tired breath, "Well... I better start walking so I can figure out where I am."

With that, I left where I was and started off on my little discovery leaving the fingers to the flames behind me for now. Little did I know though that this little discovery would lead to a journey that would change my life in one way or another and I was never going to be able to escape the fingers to the flames.

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