Saying Goodbye

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: liberosis
I sit and look out into the forest,
Already regretting the moment of our departure from each other

I hear the sound of your feet on the gravel from afar,
A sound so frantic from what my call might have meant

I see the trees swaying and the dark gray sky,
Ominous, warningly, reflecting what will happen

I feel the thick air pressing against me eerily,
Attempting to be a hold on me and offering no escape

I remember all those moments with you
And suddenly burst out crying

The clouds cry with me,
Trees swaying wildly to the now howling wind

I love you with all my heart and being,
But I must let you go

Or is it that you must let ME go?

I must say goodbye
I don't have much time

Run as fast as you can,
And hold me once again

Let me feel safe in your arms
Let me say the truest of words one last time

Let me say 'I love you'

For now I'll wait for you

I hear, I see, and here I cry in despair


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