Chasing The Sunset (The4ElementsSequel)

The sequel to the 4 Elements, showing the lives of the 4 and their siblings when they meet in 1954 New York City where they have all gone their own ways and go to college and work and all have their own problems. The only thing is how they deal with it when they all meet eachother again, and still share the connections of their powers? (The 4 Elements)

Chapter 1

Lilly Chase ~ Streets of New York City

The water from the puddle splashed onto the rubble soles of my combat boots and I step into it. Child-like joy fills my bones as I stomp my feet in it, and I giggle. Oh, the joy I get from acting like a kid. Nobody's out, anyways, to avoid me for acting like one.

The only people out are the gangs, lurking in the alleys and interrogating women and children walking alone. The streets of New York City are dangerous enough during the daytime, but even worse at night.

Luckily, I'm safe. I'm not one of those girls who wear the short skirts and heels. I'm pass that point, I only dress that way on the occasional modeling jobs.

I step out of the shallow puddle and begin the walk home. I don't have enough money for a car yet, and even cabs are sketchy, so I just walk the far way from my occasional day classes or my job at a small basement bar. I can barely afford my three-room apartment, I only can afford that because of the random bursts of money I get from occasional modeling job calls for pin-ups in salons or restaurants.

"Yo! Chase!" A slightly husky, familiar female voice calls.

I turn around, cringing slightly. Regina and her crew stand in the front of an alley between a strip club and an apartment building. They're dressed like they normally do, with 'bustier' cropped tops and high-waist denim shorts, and stilettos with 3-inch-heels. I'm wearing a simple blue dress and a warm black peacoat, since I was coming back from an all-day class. No money earned today, but at least I didn't have to dress like a skank. To bad the girls saw me like this, though.

"Yeah, Regina?" I call back with a sigh, hands in my pockets.

She strolls up to me, hands on hips, walking like a model with her legs crossing over each other as she walks. Her three girls in her group stroll behind her. Just like the popular girls in any school, the lead girl, the second-in-command, the dummy/skank and the one constantly digging for attention. In this case, their names are Regina, Jo, Michelle and Elaine. And in this case, they beat you and take your money.

"What do you mean, 'yeah'?" She demands in her thick, NYC accent. "You weren't at the place with the girls and I, remember!?"

I try to remember what she's referring to. Ah, now I remember. I was supposed to meet her and the rest of her gang earlier today to eat at a corner diner and discuss our next big raid. Whatever that means, whenever they say 'raid' they really just mean mugging some poor kid or stealing a pack of beer from a convenience store.

"Sorry, Regina." I sigh, rolling my eyes. "I had classes today."

"Classes... What are you trying to be, again? A swimmer, or something?" She mimics.

I roll my eyes. "Swimming was just a childhood dream. I'm studying to be a biologist."

Michelle and Elaine laugh in unison.

"Biologist? Is that, like, one of those jobs you need to learn a bunch of stuff for?" Michelle asks, flipping her fluffy caramel-brown hair back, with a dumb laugh.

"Duh, Michelle." Elaine says, rolling her eyes and placing her hands on her rather small hips. "Right, Regina?"

"Shut up." Regina says sharply to Elaine, who does so. She turns back to me. "Listen, sista, if you don't meet with us tomorrow at 3, you'll be on our list."

"Fine." I say. "Whatever you say."

"Don't sass me, Chase." Regina warns. "Don't forget the clothes, either. We don't want to be seen with someone looking as dorky as you in public."

"Sure." I say tiredly, watching them stalk away in a goose formation.

Just a great day.

I continue my walk home, now with the thoughts of tomorrow weighing heavily on my mind. I'm not very interested in Regina's gang, but I know I shouldn't be on their bad sides, so I guess I'm meeting them tomorrow at 3. Before that, I'll have to study for the test tomorrow. crap. I think. The test. I haven't been studying nearly as much as I should have, even with the fact that I live alone and pretty much only spend my time taking bubble baths in water I heat for myself and working for minimum wage as a bartender.

Tomorrow will just be great, as well.

Finally I reach home. Home is a tiny apartment with a fire escape on the 32nd floor of the Blackened Brick Apartments. I quickly check in with the doorman and stand in the elevator for what seems like the longest time, probably on account of my extreme tiredness, but it finally lets off and I walk down the cold halls to my apartment.

Number 434, the numbers in scratched brass on the peeling door. Home.

I unlock the door and close it as quickly as I entered. A small kitchen with an oval table with one chair, a hard buffet counter, a loveseat, and a tv in one room. A small bathroom with a footed bathtub, a porcelain sink and toilet is one room, and the other contains a small half-oval shaped room with a large bed and a closet and a bedside table. In the living/dining room is a tall, rectangular window with a view of the rusty metal fire escape and the tall NYC buildings through the black bars.

I remove my jacket and hang it on the doorknob, and am too tired to take off my shoes. I take a cheap beer from the fridge and fall onto the couch, clicking on the tv. Only news. Mrs. Erainie on the 740th floor of North-West Apartments just turned 90 today! How stimulating! I roll my eyes, and get up from the loveseat.

I might as well get to sleep.

I enter my room and take off my clothes, replacing them with a tight camisole and some soft pajama shorts. I leave on my boots.

Tomorrow, just great, I'll study, meet the gang at the diner, and probably have to go to the bar after such a long day. G'night, Lilly.

I stare out the window from the doorway, slowly drifting to sleep.

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