Facts about my story: A disguised Singer

Ok so i thought to write some facts about my story: A disguised singer
this is the one i won with wc39
, i'll keep editing and adding more, whenever i'll remember more.

Chapter 1


1) I added a rock song : Do me a favor by Stone sour , in my story, the story was indirectly, kinds depended on this song. Well the fact is, I'm the writer of this story, and I myself haven't heard more than 5 or 6 rock songs, I don't know what Stone sour is, what kind of band it is, how many members or whom it consist of. I have never heard this song do me a favor, and i don't know if it's really good or not.

2) I know nothing much about music. I am totally blank about it. WC39's theme was not my type of topic, I had no idea what i was to right. When I first see or hear the topics, my mind becomes full of idea, but this time when I saw the picture, my mind went blank. On last 2-3 days, I decided to do ''something'' , so for time pass, I wrote ''something'' ,and I ended up winning!

3) The idea for my story changed three-four times while i was writing my story.

4) My story was supposed to be on 3-4 chapters, but ended at being 7, all my older stories for contest ended at six, but this one ( except my story Vampires up ahead, it was about to go to above 10 chapters, but i deleted it) , although it was a topic of which i knew nothing.

5) the theme picture for the story was of a guy, but my story was based on a girl. The guy was older, but the girl was school going. The picture showed that guy had full confidence and he was singing and playing guitar, but my story told that girl was shy, alot shy, but she sang song on mike and played guitar. I wrote how she disguised into a guy and did everything.

6) I planned to write my story in Pakistani culture, (my country culture), I found it appropriate but I had this idea after i wrote 2 chapters.

7) I know very less about foreign culture, well I do know, but less then the natives of those countries, so it's always difficult for me to write with the foreign country and culture as setting.


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