And The Walls Came Down

And The Walls Came Down

Evalanna has always been moving, never staying in one place. At times she resents her parents for doing that to her. One of her biggest rules is to never make friends. But when Evalanna and her parents move to Bristol Bay, Florida, something changes. People won't leave her alone, such as AJ Katz, her bubbly, carefree neighbor. Also Jace Moran, the school's most popular class clown, smart kid, and jock, manages to tick her off the moment they meet. Will Evalanna be able to stick to her rules?

Chapter 1

Bristol Bay

"Sure, Mamma. Whatever you say."

"Good girl." Mamma patted my knee, smiling warmly before turning in her seat and facing the road again. "Just remember, making friends is easy as saying hello."

I rolled my eyes at the ceiling of our truck.

Like I'm going to make friends in Bristol Bay, Florida. I haven't made a friend since the third grade, and Mamma knows it.

But every time we move somewhere new, Mamma and Papa always want me to try and make friends.

My only real friend is Kai, my big Alaskan Malamute.

We got him as a puppy in New York City, when we first moved stateside, which was about two and a half years ago.

I'd been fourteen, and upset that we'd moved again, coming from Florence, Italy to New York City.

Wanting to appease me, my parents left me in our newly rented apartment and came back two hours later with this beautiful Alaskan malamute puppy, his fur tinged grey and silvery all over his back and his little legs and ears, pure white everywhere else.

Instantly falling in love, I named him Kai, meaning universe. We became best of friends, me being able to tell him everything when I didn't have friends.

You should know something: my parents were, and still are, "adventurers". Neither of them has ever lived in one spot for more than a year since they were ten years old.

Both of them have inherited tons of money from their parents, as they were both only children.

Papa graduated college with a masters degree in Biology while Mama graduated high school and eventually beauty school.

I was born while we lived in Mumbai, India, where we lived until I was three.

Then we moved to Melbourne, Australia, where we lived until I was five.

Instead of boring you with the scores of different places I've lived since then, I will just get to the point:

I made a set of rules for myself that I have followed ever since I was eight years old.

Rule number one: don't make friends- it will only make it hurt more for me and them when I have to leave again, which I know I will.

Rule number two: study hard in school- it will give me something to do other than be mad at my parents for all of eternity.

Rule number three: take pictures, which I have done- tons and tons of pictures so that someday I could show my kids, if I ever had any. I would show them the pictures, and then take them to see the places I've been.

But I would give them a stable home, a place they always knew would be their own.

Kai rested his large grey head on my lap now, stretched out across the back seat of the truck beside me.

I scratched him right under his chin, in his favorite spot.

I don't need to make friends. I don't want to make friends.

"Look, Evalanna." Papa said, pointing out the driver's side window. "There's your new school."

I looked out of the window on my left to see a large, brick-walled school building with a few trailers around it. There was an old sign out front that said "Blue Waters Senior High School".

Seeing as how it was Sunday, the parking lot was deserted- not a single car in sight.

"Looks like fun, Papa." I said dully, pulling my headphones back up onto my ears, cranking up Riot by 3 Days Grace on my iPhone.

I saw Mamma and Papa exchange a look and chose to ignore it, instead leaning my head against the cool window, watching as we passed through the small beach town of Bristol Bay.

I'd lost count of how many towns and cities my parents and I had lived in the past seventeen years- they were nameless, just faded memories.

Bristol Bay was just another one of those places.


"Can you take this last one upstaris Evalanna?" mamma asked, handing me a box labeled "Evalanna". "Your room is the one on the left."

"Okay, Mamma." I said, taking the heavy box from her and turning towards the new house.

I had been unpacking all of the boxes for downstairs for over two hours, as is my routine for when we move into a new place. Mamma and Papa bring in box after box from the pick-up truck, and I slowly begin to make our new place look slightly reminiscent of a home.

A home, since I no longer know where our home is anymore.

I walked through the two-door garage and into the big house that was still just as hot as outside because Papa hadn't figured out the air conditioning system yet.

Thank God I'd had the foresight to have Papa stop and let me change into some jean shorts and a white racerback tank top once we'd hit Florida.

This was not the place to be wearing sweatpants and two sweaters, like I usually did in Alaska.

I climbed the carpeted stairs and turned left once I'd reached the landing.

There was only one door on the left, so I pushed it open with my hip.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the room was that it was big. And bright.

Squinting, I set the box on the ground and shielded my eyes with a hand, trying to see what was making everything so bright.

"Damn." I said when my eyes finally adjusted.

My room was as long as the house, and it had floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the beach with all of its umbrellas and people. Despite all of the people, the view was still amazing.

There was a queen-sized bed at one end of the room along with a huge dresser made of some kind of beach wood painted a sky blue color.

At the other end of the room, there were two doors which, after a quick inspection, I found to be a full bathroom and a walk-in closet.

And there was also-

"No way." I gasped just as Mamma and Papa walked into the room, smiling as I gaped at the wall in shock.

Well, not just the wall. A sound system on the wall.

A really good one too, a Sony HT SS380, complete with a dock for my iPhone.

I've been wanting one this good since I was nine, but I've never asked my parents for one because I knew we couldn't take it with us wherever we went.

"I guess you didn't even see the t.v. on the wall?" Papa teased as I continued to stare in awe.

There was a 37" flatscreen Samsung t.v. hanging on the wall between the speakers, I now noticed.

"And look at this, Evalanna." Mamma walked over to the windows, motioning for me to follow. She pulled on a handle on one of the windows, bringing the window open about a foot or two. "At night or in the morning, you can take pictures here. Of the moon, the stars, the sunrise, whatever you want."

Oh my God, no way! This is the coolest!

I grinned and gave Mamma and Papa an enormous hug. "Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!"

"You're welcome, Evelanna." Mamma whispered, hugging me back tightly.

"We want you to have fun, Evalanna, as it is your senior year." Papa said, brushing my hair out of my face. "But we also want you to do well in school. Deal?"

I grinned again, leaning my head on Mamma's shoulder. "You've got yourself a deal, Papa."

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