Brony hate rant

Brony hate rant

Oh yes. I have a DARK SIDE TOO.

Chapter 1

Are you kidding me?????

by: Amaysie
As some of you might know -i am a pegasister. A pegasister or a brony is a person who watches the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Most of the time the Brony Fandom is a nice place where everyone supports each other and no one is left alone. But a lot of people thinks that adults shouldn't Watch a children's cartoon -especially not My Little Pony. So..without further ado...i'm gonna go to "angry sarcasm mode". ahem BRONIES ARE STUPID F*GS! All they do is sit on their arses and drool over..Twinkle Sprinkle or whatsoever! They NEVER do anything creative or original because they are all fat lazy morons! They never make catchy music or uses hours on drawing passionate breathtaking artwork or uses several months on making long animations with original voice actors! And they are also a big pile of DOUCHEBAGS!! Because whenever they get a Little criticism they go nuts and rant about how much they hate me. HOW IMMATURE!!! Shaaaaame! Also they are PEDOPHILES AND PERVERTS!!! They do STUFF while looking at erotic Pictures of horses which is a sign of bestiality! And they are OBVIOUSLY watching the show to lure small girls into their basements so they can...i dunno bake cupcakes with them i guess. Bronies have NEVER done anything good! They only cause problems! And you know what bronyfags? The Whole World agrees with me. Yes you heard me right. Not just Canada. Not just Finland. But the Whole. Freaking. World. Because everyone knowns that MY OPINION IS FACT!!!!

If this wasn't enough for you check out this video "Why bronies are the worst thing ever" By CellSpex: It's really funny and it explains a lot. Have a nice day!


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