Chapter 1

Make a Dream Jar

This is an amazing idea I found on my beloved Pinterest, and I personalized it to make one as a birthday present for one of my best friends :)

What you will need
--a glass jar
--lettered stickers
--another kind of sticker(your choice)
--coloured/patterned craft paper
--glue/double-sided tape
--scissors/craft knife
--pencil(preferably mechanical for more precision)
--Sharpies/other permanent marker

Step one
Make a mini envelope. Use a ruler to draw out the "net" on your craft paper. Remember to leave flaps so that you can glue it together. Measure everything CAREFULLY. If you're not good at this, use an online template. Make sure it's small enough to put inside the jar and big enough to put a slip of paper inside. Once you've drawn your envelope, cut it out with scissors or a craft knife, then fold along the right lines and glue it together. Make around 10-20, in slightly different sizes, on different patters or colours of paper. (Here are mine!)

Step two
Get a sheet of stickers and put it inside the jar. Pick something cute that you/the friend you choose to make this for will like. Good options are things like hearts, stars, flowers etc... something simple and traditional. (I used small, heart-shaped red felt stickers.)

Step three
Write out the instructions with a Sharpie or permanent marker on a piece of craft paper. You can use black or use a fun colour. This step is actually optional--you only need to do this if you're giving the jar to someone. It just needs to be a quick note to state the purpose/function of the jar. (Like this.)

Step four
Decorate your jar with the lettered stickers. I used gold stickers because they look kind of glamorous and dreamy. Whichever type you choose to use, make sure they're really sticky so they don't fall off. Since it's a dream jar, write "Dreams" on it. Put everything inside the jar, (and you're done!)


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