Group Story Idea/Sign Ups (Read Intro!) CLOSED

This is a story that I started a while ago, but now two of the authors are inactive and the other two probably forgot. So...I need new authors.

Chapter 1

Spongebob and Patrick :D

by: Pierced_
Basically, the plot goes like this (THIS IS NOT TWILIGHT):

There is a school called Hunter Thompson Academy. It is a school for vampires and humans. They are separated by two classes. The vampires have evening classes and humans have morning classes. Also, human stay in the Sun Dormitories and the vampires stay at the Moon Dormitories across campus. Contact between these two groups is kept as segregated as possible.

The purpose of the school is to teach young vampires and humans how to not hate each other, but to live in peace. However, this (as expected) is extremely difficult. Vampires need blood to live, and the human students don't know vampires are attending the academy. Now, when one vampire looses control of their blood lust, the rest are tempted to follow. What will happen? And will the students of this school be alive by the end of the year?

Now, the character form (One girl (human or vampire), two boys (human or vampire), and one evil vampire. But remember, there has to be a balance of humans and vampires.)

# = Optional

Species: (Human or Vampire)
Age: (14 through 16)
Weight: (Sorry, but it's required even for girls, even though us girls don't like to tell our weight)
Skin Tone:
Personality: (Be specific as possible, please. Must have bad traits.)
Fears: (Must have at least 2)
Friends: (Don't fill this out till authors are chosen. But you can decide whether my character is your character's friend or enemy)
Enemies: (Don't fill this out till authors are chosen. But you can decide whether my character is your character's friend or enemy)
History: (No orphans please, but you can have a rough past)

And finally my character:

Name: Alyth Patricia Covington
Nicknames: N/A
Species: Human
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 15th
Hair: Short light blonde hair that spikes out at the ends (Like Rin's hairstyle from Vocaloid).
Eyes: Light green with flecks of deep blue.
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Skin Tone: Pale, close to flawless.
Jewelry/Piercings: Two piercings in each ear and a choker cross necklace.
Personality: Shy, creative, determined, doesn't trust people easily, bookworm, loyal, honest, sensitive, modest, quiet, stubborn, and forgives people too easily.
Fears: Being buried alive, drowning, suffocation, spiders, and vampires.
Family: Mother (Patricia, 48) and one elder brother (Justin, 17). Her Father and younger sister are deceased.
Friends: TBD
#Crush/BF/GF: A male character TBD
Enemies: TBD
History: When Alyth was six, two vampires attacked their family. Alyth, her Mom, and Justin escaped, but the vampires killed her father and baby sister, Lilly, who was three at the time. Justin is now a vampire hunter, but Alyth didn't want to. She just wants to avoid vampires as much as possible.
Other: Her name means 'ascending' or 'rising', and she has type A blood.


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