Group Story HELP

Great. Just great. One of my group story authors deleted without as much as a word. WHYYYY

Chapter 1

Here's what I need help with.

Well she never actually wrote a chapter so I would be able to let you guys create a new character. Problem- her character was already framed by the other authors, to whom I apologize for this.

So anyways, I need someone to take over this character. She is a great character, and I think she'd be fun to write. Comment or message me if you're up to this! Thank you thank you thank you. Here's the profile:
Name: Pepper Cloudjump
Gender: Female
Power: Fireproof
Physical Features: 14, long bright red hair with a pale blond streak, pale freckled skin, light blue eyes, thin and wiry, 5' 2"
Style: Cool colors, hair always down, dark green Aero hoodie, gray striped top, ripped and scorched jeans, black hiking boots
Personality: Irritable, impatient, quick to jump into action, smart, outgoing, brave, free spirited
Talents: Singer, dancer, basketball player

You can change things about her slightly, like hobbies. Main personality needs to remain, as well as her name. Here's the link to more info (original sign ups):

Thank you! if you cannot help, can you please maybe suggest it to another? I need this ASAP. About a week? I am so sorry to all! WHYYY


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