The World of Avalonia

A fantasy/adventure

Chapter 1

Avalonian Academy

Britania sat in the branches of a tall tree, reading off of some parchment for school. Her legs dangled from either side of the branch, swaying each time the wind blew, as did her peach colored hair. Every so often, her wings would twitch; a common thing that happened when she was focused on her magick work. She enjoyed every moment of her hour of independent studies; she could spend time in the academy courtyard and read as much as she pleased. The chimes from atop the tower rang out with crystal clear sound, and as she rolled up her scroll students came out of all four doorways through the courtyard, going this way and that into different classes. She slung her satchel onto her shoulder and flitted down the tree to the ground, feeling the soft spring grass between her toes. The fay never wore shoes, though many races did. She thought about trying it out, but thought it might be too constrictive.

It wasn’t long before Eleanor, her best friend, showed up. She was a human by birth but an excellent witch. She wore the traditional witch robes, which were long at the bottom but elaborately wrapped around above her waist. The sides of the bottom were cut up the sides, with a slip worn beneath to allow more leg movement, as she did a lot of field work for class. Her brunette hair was wrapped in two tight buns and tied with lavender ribbons to match her robes. “Ready for class?” She said cheerfully,

“Of course, I’d never skip magick class!” Britania said.

Then they overheard some vicious ranting from behind a nearby line of shrubbery, "There she was again, just yesterday. How dare she talk to him? Does she not realize he’s taken? I have done everything to make him love me. I helped him excel in class, I made him great! And how does he repay me? By flirting with that... With that... Eleanor girl. She’s only a human girl, nothing special at all, in fact, inferior! That hand-holding traitor… But I can forgive him. She must have enchanted him. That's it. She is a witch, after all. Everyone knows I’m the one for him.”

It was Amaia, a Siren. Very beautiful, but a false sense of celebrity and huge ego had made her less than desired. She was talking about her ex-boyfriend, Sage, an elf from the far forests on the edge of Avalonian. He’d been seen with Eleanor apparently. Britania looked to her friend, “Don’t worry, eventually she’ll wake up and smell the lilacs.” And they smiled at each other before hurrying to class.

They took their regular seats next to one another just as the chimes rang out once again, but the professor was nowhere to be found. As per her usual instructions for her absence, most of the students took out something to work on or read, though of course a few students preferred to sit and chat away. Five minutes passed, then ten, soon thirty. No sign of Mrs. Vivir was seen. Soon, the schoolmaster, Mr. Ward, came in the classroom in a somewhat flustered manner, yet his mannerisms still contained a sense of utmost professionalism. “Students…” he started, “I’m afraid school has been cancelled for the rest of the day, you’re to go home and await an announcement by myself for school to start back up again.” Not a word was said amongst the class. He stood there a moment, before nodding and leaving. Everyone hurriedly gathered their things and flooded out into the hallways with the rest of the student body. Britania and Eleanor waited a moment to escape most of the fray.

“I wonder what’s going on…” Eleanor said,

“I know, but hey… we get a half day at the very least!” Britania said, smiling, “Even if we did miss magick class. I still wonder why Mrs. Vivir wasn’t here to tell us about the half day herself.”

“That’s true.” Eleanor said, gathering the last of her things. Oh, I have a random question…and it’s okay if you’re not okay with it.”

“Lay it on me.” Britania said,

“Can sage walk home with us too? His house would be the first stop so he wouldn’t be there long.” she asked hastily.

“Of course your boyfriend can come!” Britania exclaimed.

Eleanor blushed slightly, “He’s not actually my boyfriend, we just held hands is all.” She said bashfully. Though she knew it didn’t matter to Britania what his title was, because she was all for her friend getting her first boyfriend.

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