Sorry, guys, but this day has to come...

Chapter 1


I am deleting, guys, I'm very sorry. I am still considering it, but most of me is telling me to delete. I know that people are deleting everywhere, but there really isn't much of a choice. I've recently been really busy at home, and I know that it's not a good excuse to delete and say goodbye to all my good friends on Quibblo, but there's no other choice, I'm sorry. I've been on Quibblo for a little less than a year, and I've made a lot of good friends and I was taught the true meaning of friendship. I don't want to, but there's no other choice.

I feel like that I am getting less and less active on Quibblo. When I create quizzes, barely anyone takes them. When I make group stories, nobody signs up. I've recently made a group story and only one person signed up. I'm sorry if I'm ranting and I come out as sounding smug and snobbish and attention-seeking, but when this happens, it's hard not to feel a little bit hollow and upset. I will miss Quibblo and all my friends a lot, I really will.

I don't want to delete either, but there's no other choice. I even feel a little bit unwanted on here, as people say that I am fake and stupid. Don't think I don't know this, but people have complaint to me that I am being a goody-two-shoes. I have tried to smile it off before, but this time I really can't. No matter if you've been nice to me or not in the past, I really can't do this anymore.

I'm going to make my choice in three days. I don't want to delete, either, but I feel so lonely and empty on here, and I know that I love Quibblo, but I really don't know about it. I can't even see the difference of whether I stay or delete on here. Most of the time I feel so ignored and unactive, but I actually spend a lot of time on here going through quizzes and reading stories. Probably most of you don't even know me, and I understand why. I forgive you for it, because it's mostly my fault for staying so low-key and always being so unactive.

I don't know whether I should delete or not, but you will find out anyway in a couple of days' time. I hate to say it, but when I'm on Quibblo, I can see the world but the world cannot see me.

Bye, guys. I love you all to the moon and back.


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