Deletion and Story Updates

In case you cared, of course.

Chapter 1

Glad you care enough to read this far

by: For_You
So, the first thing you need to know, I will be deleting soon. Now, the question is when will this be?

I was planning to delete at the end of April, but there is the Quibblo Allstars, not jumping the gun on all of you, and my not wanting to delete. So, I made a compromise with myself. I will stay on until I finish all my material for the Quibblo Allstars. I believe all I have left is the story. So, once I end that, I will delete my account the next day.

Because I am deleting, I will also be ending my stories. If any of you like the ideas enough to not want it to end, I am offering them up to all the authors that want to complete them. First come, first serve.

I believe that is all.



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