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Hey, there! I'm going to do a group story as well, if anybody is interested. So, there will be a total of seven characters, but I can narrow them down if there are less people who sign up. So, it would be really excellent if you join. It won't be a proper group story without you! No matter what your writing abilities are, you are welcome to enter! Thank you ♥~ Hayley~

Chapter 1

Rules and Submission Form ♥

Hey, there! I'm going to do a group story as well, if anybody is interested. So, I haven't decided how many characters there will be, because it depends on the amount of entries. So, it would be really excellent if you can sign up. No matter what your writing abilities are, you are welcome to enter! This group story is open to absolutely anybody, anywhere. That's a first!

But here's how this group story will be different from others. There will be no pressure on writing, because I understand that some people can take a while for good inspiration to get to them. I will extend the maximum chapter due date to two weeks, and I will message you to confirm whether or not you are able to continue working on your chapter. But remember, there's no writing pressure. It's completely and most definitely fine if you take a month to come up with something award-worthy. I support that idea, and I'll happily agree if you ask me for a required chapter extension.

And the group story subject will be different, too, and quite unique. It is set in the 2600s, during the Third World War. And if you read up to here and think that it's boring, believe me, it's not, because here's the interesting part. There is a special elite squad of highly trained fighters known as the Trackers. They received immaculate, extreme training, and they possess weapons of the highest quality. Their teammates envy them, their enemies fear them, and their name is known and remembered all over the world. The Trackers use super-high technology, and they are often the leading squad of the army. There is a Cold War, like the War Between the States, going on between the two halves of the US. The mission of the Trackers is to find the top-secret battle files of the enemy to end the war.

There are seven total members of the Trackers. There are two sections, with operative and technical. There are five operative members, who go on the high-risk missions, and two technical members, who control the action of the operative members. You can choose to be either operative or technical. The operative members have better fighting skills, and the technical members are more intelligent and can control the war situation. Usually people go for the operative characters more, but it's also great to be a technical member. The technical members don't just sit in a chair in front of a bunch of complicated computers all day. They are like the two war councillors of the group, who make all the plans and give out all the smaller missions to the operative members. But that doesn't mean that they are better. All of the members are equal, but the technical members generally lean more to the intelligent side while the operative members lean more towards the action side.

There are seven different jobs, for the different members. All the jobs are equally important for the Trackers to be able to keep standing. Different jobs will be sorted into different categories - five jobs for the operative members and two jobs for the operative member. The fact that a person can only have one job goes without saying, but just in case for anyone who doesn't know, you do now. Here is the list of jobs that a character can have. The sharpshooter isn't the leader of the group, although sometimes they can be referred to one.

Sharpshooter This is an operative job. The sharpshooter plays an important role to the Trackers. In battle, sharpshooters are quick and skillful, and they have good aim. When charging for battle or on missions, they are usually on the wing to get the best aim. Sharpshooters are armed with the most professional and highest quality weapons. If your character wants to be a sharpshooter, they should be quiet, low-key, and calm during dangerous situations.

Front attacker This is an operative job. The front attacker has to be extremely brave and courageous, because they are always fighting in front of everyone else in the team. It doesn't make them the leader, but they play an important part in the group. Front attackers hold the most dangerous position in the group, and they have to be confident and very good at fighting. I would suggest that if your character is a front attacker, they should be loud, brave, fiery, and preferrably a boy (no sexism intended, don't misunderstand my true meaning here) but if it's a girl then that's okay.

Assassinator This is an operative job. The assassinator plays a major part in the group, because they are relied on to do all the assassinating and undercover jobs. Their moves are quick and deadly, and they can deliver death with one strike. They are usually armed with a wider range of weapons than the others, for security and self-defense purposes. Next to the front attacker, the assassinator has the most dangerous position of all. Like the sharpshooter, they are calm and low-key, and they know how to handle highly-dangerous situations without panicking.

Weapon specialist This is an operative job. The weapon specialist is the knowledgeable one of the operative members. They can handle any sort of weapon, and they have the ability to take apart and remake a weapon in less than a minute. Just by hearing the sound of gunfire, they can identify exactly the types of guns used. They are actually half-technical, too, except they go on operative missions as they can fight just as well as the others. If your character is the weapon specialist, they are the backbone of the group who holds all of the knowledge. They are usually wise and, stereoptically thinking, maybe a little older than the rest of the Tracker members.

Escape artist This is an operative job. The escape artist is intelligent and open-minded, with the ability of flexible thinking and perspective thinking. Because of their job nature, like the assassinator, they are better with secret missions than front-to-front battle missions. They have excellent thieving skills, and they can think from many different perspectives, therefore coming up with the best plan possible. Apart from the technical members, the escape artist is like the technical member among the operative team. Stereoptically thinking, the escape artist is naive, happy, keen and maybe younger than the rest.

If anyone would like to be a technical member, then they can message me about the technical member jobs and choose from the five that I have right now. It doesn't mean that they are excluded, just that if I fit five more described jobs on here, I will probably run out of remaining characters before I get to the rules.

So here is the character submission form that you must fill. Make sure that before you start filling it in, you have read the rules which are below!
♥ Name:
♥ Codename:
♥ Age:
♥ Section:
♥ Job:
♥ Personality:
♥ Appearance:
♥ Background story:
♥ Love interest:
♥ Other:

If you are going to be an assassinator or an escape artist, you will have to fill out this second-identity form, too. Assassinators and escape artists are most likely to go undercover, therefore they will need a new identity.

♥ Name:
♥ Age:
♥ Appearance:
♥ Outfit:
♥ Background story:

Here is my character.
♥ Name: Aryan Levesque Dare
♥ Codename: The Hornet
♥ Age: 18 years old and three quarters
♥ Section: Operative
♥ Job: Assassinator
♥ Personality: Authoritative, dauntless and brave. She is a natural leader, who can be stubborn sometimes but when she wants something done, she means it. Although she can be very powerful and commanding, most of the time she is nice and sweet. She is willing to help out anyone in need, therefore making her very selfless. She would protect the people around her, and she feels a strong responsibility towards assuring the safety of her loved ones. She is always the one to lead the pack and the one that charges in front, and she is practically fearless. People often underestimate her because she is female, but her abilities can shoot them back anytime. Being from a harsh and cruel family who sets exceptionally high standards on her and constantly expects her to achieve them, Aryan always sets the highest goals for herself, and would blame herself if they are not completed. Sometimes, with an important goal in mind, she is restless until it is achieved. This shows her determined side, and it is a good influence when she is leading people. She is quiet and mysterious, and she has the ability of flexible thinking and the power to make others trust her easily. Because of her job, she sometimes appears to be cold, cruel and heartless, but on the inside she is just as emotional and soft as hearts can get.
♥ Appearance: Short, jaw-length honey blond hair with two chestnut streaks on either side. Her hair looks a little stiff, and is darker in some areas, like she just came out of the water. She has two orange dragonfly hairclips clipping her side bangs back. Aryan is on the tall side, with an angular face and strong, powerful eyes that show nearly every dark shade of deep violet. Her eyes dance with colour when she is happy, and flash with authority when she is angry. Because of her commanding personality, she can simply shoot a glare at someone and they would stand down to her. She has a generally pretty face, but she doesn't stick out from the crowd. She doesn't have a lot of curves, but they're in the right places and she's happy with them. This is basically what Aryan looks like, even though I altered parts of the original photo using a PhotoShop application:
♥ Background story: Aryan's parents are both high commanders in the army. They have very high expectations for Aryan to become like them, and they started to train Aryan for fighting when she was only four years old. At the age of fourteen, Aryan could fight better than her parents, using both physical combat and weapons. Sometimes, when her training does not exceed her parents' expectations, she is whipped and beaten cruelly. This results in Aryan's back full of whip lashes and scars that never fade. She refuses to show them to anyone, because she believes that this is a sign of her disgrace.
♥ Love interest: To be determined, another boy in the story.
♥ Other: Aryan is a strong-willed girl who is willing to sacrifice all she has for a good cause. She believes that determination is the key to success. Although she has been through a lot in the past, and she seems like a tough and unbreakable girl on the outside, on the inside she may have a softer heart than anyone else. Once she falls in love with someone, it's really deep, making her easy to get hurt during relationships. And the fact that people think she cannot be hurt makes her even more fragile, as they think they could speak carelessly with her, but they end up scarring her even deeper.

♥ Undercover name: Annabeth Arden
♥ Undercover age: 19 years old and a half
♥ Undercover appearance: Long black hair tied back in a high ponytail, with indigo-coloured eyes. She has the same face and general figure appearance as her real identity, but she wears glasses. They appear to be normal reading glasses, but they are document readers that can help her read super-small print in secret documents, and translate code language.
♥ Undercover outfit: She wears a black-and-grey checkered fedora tied with a black satin sash, and she wears a black shiny jacket with a tartan skirt just above her knees. She has gray socks with two red stripes at the top, and she wears a pair of dark purple flats which are actually runners in disguise.
♥ Undercover background story: Annabeth is a pharmacist working at the local hospital and medicine shop. To back up this information, the doctor at the hospital and the owner of the medicine shop are all alliances of the Trackers.

The rules
Here the rules are very important. You must read them and agree to them before you create your character, because you will need them to fill in your form.

♥ There will be no need to put an outfit description or an outfit link into your form, because most of the time your characters will be wearing uniform. However, it would be strongly recommended to put an undercover identity, even if you're not an assassinator or an escape artist. All the characters will have to go undercover sometime, and it's good to have that extra profile to guide you.
♥ There should be a good and equal division between boys and girls of both sections. A good and recommended balance would be three boys and two girls, or three girls and two boys for the operative team, and it would be good to have a girl and a boy for the technical team. That way it would match for love interests as well, but one character will have to have a fictional love interest.
♥ If you want a character to be your love interest, then you will have to check with their writers first. All except for one character will end up with a love interest. If they are not sorted out by two weeks, then we will possibly start writing and then maybe I will have to pair some characters up.
♥ Please, don't make your character perfect. You can make your character have pretty hair or pretty eyes, but please don't make them like this: Jessica Amelia-Aubrey Hamilton has long soft blond hair with perfect curls, and she has big blue eyes that no other girl can beat. I mean, it's not cool, especially when you're in a group story. Sure, it's all right if you create a Mary-Sue character for a single-author story, but when you're in a group story, you have to consider the other authors instead of just thinking of yourself.
♥ Each author will have two weeks to write. If your chapter is not posted by then, I will message you and ask you if you would like an extension. The extreme maximum is a month. If your chapter is still unfinished by then, we may have to skip your chapter for now and whenever you have completed it, you can post it during a slot in the story. But remember that there's no writing pressure! It's the quality that really counts, and not how fast you can finish it.
♥ Your characters will be equally good at fighting and although my character, Aryan, can appear to be the leader sometimes, there actually isn't a leader out of the group and everybody is equal - just so we clear that part out.
♥ Do not give the Authors' Place link out to anybody else! The Authors' Place is a special group story, with one chapter for all the authors. Your chapter is for you to put in all the additional information for your character that you would like everyone else to know about. It is also a place to put your ideas and story updates. Remember to keep the Authors' Place private!

Sorry that this was so long, there was just so much information that had to get through. It would be excellent if you can sign up to the group story, because every single author contributes something special. Even if you're not the best at writing, give it a try, becaues it's not the writing ability that matters!

Thank you for your support!
♥~ Hayley~

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