You Will Go On

My humble entry for this month's poetry contest: I regale you with a musing on life, living, and what it means to do so.

As always, rate, comment, and give feedback--love you all and enjoy!

Chapter 1

You Will Go On

Life goes on
Things change
And you must change with them
Or risk being dumped in the dust
Like so much useless trash
Broken, pointless
Having failed to keep up with the times
A failure of the senses
How long does it take to see?
Not the world, not any face
But into another, to see the truth?
Here it is:
Tripping, falling, integrity intact
Skinned palms and rubbed raw
Healed scabs and fresh scars
A tale of repeating offenses
And strength
Of the courage to cry late at night
Over things that aren't permanent
Over things that you need to survive
That are draining away
But also the courage to stand
And continue on
Not wanting to be left behind
Wipe up the blood on bitten lips
Continue on, the marked passage of time
Heavy on your mind
Immobile, unyielding
You cannot push through it, for this truth holds true
Life will go on
And you will go with it
Every single time

I was in part inspired by Sam Woolf's original song titled The Same (you may recognize him from this year's American Idol). It's very...filled with yearning, I suppose one would say. It's a rather hard emotion to describe--not quite yearning but not quite sadness, with a tinge of fear and distress. This poem was also birthed from the changes in my life--the end of my second chapter, high school, is coming to a close in a year or so and this are happening very, very fast. Almost too quickly to keep up with.

Poems for you to enjoy:

Dover Beach (featured in Fahrenheit 451) by Matthew Arnold

A Dream by Edgar Allen Poe

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