The Animated Awards Winners!

Chapter 1


Best Animated Feature Film - Frozen

Best Voice Actress In A Leading Role - Idina Menzel as Elsa - Frozen

Best Voice Actor In A Leading Role - Jesse Eisenberg as Blu - Rio

Best Voice Actress In A Supporting Role - Ellen DeGeneres as Dory - Finding Nemo

Best Voice Actor In A Supporting Role - Ed Wynn as The Mad Hatter - Alice In Wonderland

Best Original Song - Let It Go - Frozen

Best Original Reprise Of A Song - Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel - For The First Time In Forever Reprise - Frozen

Best Original Score - The Lion King

Best Screenplay - The Beauty and the Beast

Best Animation of People - Tangled

Best Background Animation - Rio

Best Sound - Frozen

Best Animated Short Film - Paperman

Best Animated Movie Character - Queen Elsa - Frozen

Table of Winners (Recommendations)

Frozen - 6 Wins
Rio - 2 Wins
Finding Nemo - 1 Win
Alice In Wonderland - 1 Win
Tangled - 1 Win
Beauty and the Beast- 1 Win
The Lion King - 1 Win
Paperman - 1 Win


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