A Disguised Singer

a story for wc39 it is, I am writing it in a rush, as usual :P , and I am writing it because i like writing, but most typing makes me bored. I have these few days as holidays left, then going back to school, urgh! So when i return to school, i wont get time to write, so i wanted to write at least one story, and here it goes...

Chapter 7


At the end, whole cast of Musical Play rushed on stage and hugged me. Miss Gwen patted my back and said, '' You sure do have wonderful voice Steven, how come I never noticed this change in your voice before? Whatever, you made me proud boy. ''

''Stupid woman she was. Ha!''

Judges stood up and clapped. They nodded in satisfaction. This was the time of my life....And it suddenly ended...

'' Hello Everybody! What's happening over here? Are you all cheering for this cheat? '', The real Steven had arrived!

''OMIGOSH, OH NO OH NO OH NO. I'm sure dead now''

Life drained out of my body. I felt dizzy. Sarah's eyes opened wide in horror, my heart stopped beating.

Now there were two Stevens on the stage.

'' You guys think this is the real Steven? Well no! I'm Steven, I'm your real rock singer, I was about to entertain you all with my song.'', He spoke in the mike.

The hall grew quiet. Everyone was shocked and...confused, they felt betrayed. Miss Gwen looked from me to him, with expression of utter disbelief. Then she eyed me and gave an is-this-true? look . I bowed my head. Life end

'' She is just another girl who locked me in the bathroom, wore a wig, dressed up like me and sang over here. Miss Gwen, couldn't you recognize her voice? You were our teacher! My band guys! You had been my partners for years, and still you all don't recognize me. I never played guitar while singing. How shame! This girl cheated, she stole my place. I want justice. '', and he kept screaming until I started to talk.

'' Yeah he's right, I'm the disguised singer. I am Meredith. '', and by saying that, I took off my wig and beard. Everybody was surprised, even Steven this time. Nobody could believe that a girl like me could do such thing. I could see my parents in the audience, in a miserable condition. I hated myself at that time.
Some were surprised due to the disguise, and some were surprised due to my talent, for example Miss Gwen.

Miss Gwen now realized that she should have given me a chance before because my voice was better than Steven. She was astounded at my talent.

'' I know I did a very big mistake and I feel guilty for it. I'm ashamed of myself. But all of this had a reason. Music and singing is my dream, I always write songs and sing them with my guitar in my room. I never got a chance to perform because of my stage fright.

This time, I tried to give it a try but Miss Gwen didn't even let me audition. She was so obsessed with Steven that she gave him the part right away. Winning, getting the prize, it was only in her head. She told me that I don't have guts to sing on stage and I would ruin her play, and she heard no more.

I felt betrayed, it was unfair. Taking part isn't always for winning, although the participants work hard for it. Steven over here said that he wants justice, so do I! Why did they steal my chance? Why did they do favoritism? Why did they steal my wish from me? And it is their fault I did this all, to have a chance to sing, to have what's mine, and I proved it to everyone that I can overcome my fright, I could to it, I can sing, I did it.

I'm sorry, due to me this play is ruined, I tried my best to make it awesome. I even worked hard as costume designer. But Steven over here, if he had cared about the play, he wouldn't have come on stage blabbing everything out. Now you know how it feels when someone steals something from you, Steven. Now you know how it feels when injustice is done with you.

I'm sorry you all, but teachers should give chances to everyone, No one should be neglected. ''

A tear rolled over my cheek, and after saying this, I left the stage.
Everyone was silenced, still in disbelief, some in awe. I guessed my words affected them very deeply.

'' Hey Meredith! Nice speech gal, you rock! '', Sarah jumped over me. '' If I were in your place, I would have said that it's stupid, me being disguised?, he's the one lying. But you are fabulous girl '' .

Miss Gwen came to me, first she stayed quiet, I waited, and then in very low voice, she said, '' I'm sorry ''. And immediately after saying this, she went away.

''WOW COOL! This was unexpected!''

Nobody hated me for what I did, well except Steven of course. Then we waited for the results, which were really shocking.

The judges announced them, '' I know you all have been waiting eagerly for this moment. I can hear the heart beats of teachers, parents and participants over here. Hahaha. Well it had been quite an evening, many shocks, many surprises, much entertainment. I would say, a fascinating evening it was. You all had worked hard, we can see it in your performance. We enjoyed this time of the year. Our school had this event after years, and man was this event wonderful.

So now the results' time. And we have two winners for The School Play of the Year, wow. Its a tie!
Our winners are The Fairytale Play and The Musical Play !!! Way to go!! ''

''Way to go Meredith'' ...

~~~~~~~ THE END ~~~~~~~~

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