A Disguised Singer

a story for wc39 it is, I am writing it in a rush, as usual :P , and I am writing it because i like writing, but most typing makes me bored. I have these few days as holidays left, then going back to school, urgh! So when i return to school, i wont get time to write, so i wanted to write at least one story, and here it goes...

Chapter 3

An Unsuccessful Try due to Mysterious Guy


There was such hustle and bustle for this audition thing, not only for Musical play, but also for others. Sarah had opted for Tinkerbell role, which I'm sure she'll get easily, she's a talented happy-go-lucky soul.

The students for dancing part were limited and got chosen easily. No doubt our school had best dancers in the state (my view).

Then came the difficult part; the rock singer. A dozen students came forward for it, but got rejected and with those solemn faces they exited the room. I just wanted to jump up on that platform and start singing right along, but something stopped me every time.

Suddenly I saw a guy, around my age or a year or two older than me. I didn't know him, but saw him around Miss Gwen two or three times in a month. He was a teenager, but he had looks like a man, with those loony eyes and long brown hair, a little bit of beard on chin and in baggy clothes. He had this bored, man-like expression on his face, his hands in pockets, he walked towards Miss Gwen. I got this bad feeling so I rushed towards her too.

'' Oh my God, Steven, are you here for the Musical play? '', Miss Gwen was sure delighted to see this guy.

'' Uh yeah, my friends told me about this so I thought to try out, what was this about? This rock singer part? I want to play this part '', Steven said, after having a short glimpse around the music room.

'' Oh why not, you sure do look perfect for the part. The other students who came for auditions weren't so good, so I think I'll have to choose you, lucky us to have you '',

'' Wait wait, What?! But Miss Gwen wait! I am left for auditions, why are you choosing him without even hearing him sing? He didn't even sign up for the play. And he doesn't even look so interested for the play, in my opinion, it's just a time pass for him. How come I didn't see him around in the school much before? Is he even from this school? '', I couldn't control my anger. I couldn't believe my ears, so I lost my control and spoke a bit too much.

'' Hey hey hey, now what we've got here. Little Meredith trying out for the singing part! Hahaha! You can't even say a few words in front of your class, what would you do in front of whole hall full of crowds of people? Do you want us to loose?'', Miss Gwen taunted me.

'' Give me a chance to sing, I'll prove it to you that I'm something more than just a shy girl. Please. Because what you're doing is wrong, this is favoritism.'', I begged her

'' Now now, how dare you say such thing to me?! A teacher is never wrong. Plus, Steven is a student of this school, although he attends it very less but just because he has his own rock band which he has to handle. He usually come by to ask advice from me. Do you think I would choose you over him? But if you so want to be in this play, you can handle the costume part. Be the costume designer, that's what I can do for you right now '' She said very harshly.

The whole time Steven stood beside and kept hearing our conversation with a very amused expression. He was enjoying it alright. That spoon-fed kid he was. I hated him.

And after saying that, Miss Gwen turned and left with Steven at her heels. He gave that cunning, taunting smile to me on his ugly face, which I wanted to slap very hard.
Miss Gwen was so obsessed with winning the prize that she went such far in being unfair. Couldn't believe it.

But for now, I had this worst, unsuccessful try due to this mysterious guy...

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