A Disguised Singer

a story for wc39 it is, I am writing it in a rush, as usual :P , and I am writing it because i like writing, but most typing makes me bored. I have these few days as holidays left, then going back to school, urgh! So when i return to school, i wont get time to write, so i wanted to write at least one story, and here it goes...

Chapter 2

The Musical play

'' Go Go Go, sign up for this musical play, this is so your chance to shine. Just go and forget everything else.'' Sarah kept chirping on my head. '' Your aim is music, you have to get the part. You have to.. '',

'' Alright Okay okay Sarah, aren't we doing the same thing you're saying over and over again since last fifteen minutes? '', I asked.

So I had decided to sign up for this musical play. I didnt know if I would back out again in future, but I had to try, just give it a try. What if I got the chance to perform, and then all of a sudden my phobia runs away, and I rock on the stage, and all those hoots and cheers...

'' Good morning, Miss Gwen '', I greeted Miss Gwen sweetly. She was our music teacher and was directing the Musical play. However, she was really strict and bossy, but I had to work out nicely with her to get a part.
On her desk, I saw a page full of names, which i guessed, the names of students for the play. Soon there would be my name on the top too.

'' So, you're here for the play too, aren't you? '', she asked staring up from her spectacles at me with those cat like eyes.

'' Uh, yes, seems so '', I wished Sarah was here with me, she had always been helpful in matters like these. But she went for fairy tale's plays.

'' So we'll see what you have to do in this play, hurry, sign up here, and go, I have other work to do also. ''

I signed up, and ran out of the room. Well it seemed as if I ran. That was it? Was I in? Was it that easy? But she still hadn't told me what was going to happen in the play. What did she mean by ''what I have to do in the play'' ? . So many questions popped in my mind, that I knew, would be answered later.

~~~~~ IN THE MUSIC ROOM ~~~~~

Sarah waved to me and said good luck, then left. Now, I was with everyone else in the music room. There were good deal of students signed up for this play. I guessed that first there would be auditions for some part, because this much students could not fit in a single play.

'' Alright settle up, settle up everyone. '', Miss Gwen marched in.

All the students took their places, the whispers quieted down, and then there was a complete pin drop silence. I took my place on floor cushions.

So then, Miss Gwen started to explain about the play...

'' What we want is the prize. You all get that? We must be the winners, the hall should be echoed by our music. So our performance would be a bit different, it wouldn't be so much like a play because we wouldn't be acting in it, we would be singing and dancing. Still I think why those idiots named it as Musical play, I'll have to correct the name. (I knew she woudln't be able to change the name of the play, she was just complaining as usual).
We'll show different genres of music. There will be light effects and all that, first will come the dance, as we'll prepare a medley of different genres of music. The dance would be according to the music. First we'll turn off the lights and start disco music, the disco lights will turn up, and 3 dancers will show up. Then the music will slow down to ballet music, the lights will change to neon ones and 3 ballet dancers will show up, after that, a romantic song will start and two couples will show up, two white spotlights will be glowed over them. Then the final performance and most important one; the singing. We'll turn off lights and announce the name of our band, singing a rock song. Then we'll turn on the lights, different lights at a time, and our band would be standing there, starting their song. The singer would lead them, and I want that singer PERFECT! He would be the lead. So this was my plan, now everybody, tomorrow would be the auditions. Dismiss now! ''

This was such a long interesting speech of hers, and for the first time everybody listened her keenly that even flies sat on their noses. Lol.

I knew what part I wanted and I was so getting it, no matter what...

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