A Disguised Singer

a story for wc39 it is, I am writing it in a rush, as usual :P , and I am writing it because i like writing, but most typing makes me bored. I have these few days as holidays left, then going back to school, urgh! So when i return to school, i wont get time to write, so i wanted to write at least one story, and here it goes...

Chapter 1

The News

'' Hmm hum hm humm la la '', I hummed as I strolled through the school corridors with Sarah by my side.

'' What are you singing Meredith? I wanna hear, too '', Sarah squeaked bringing her ears close to my mouth.

I smiled and pushed her away, reached my locker and started shuffling through books. It's better not to let anyone hear me singing, or specially Sarah, she would surely then put up the slogans in school saying ''we've got something here, Meredith's voice is awesome,give her a chance'' .

'' Did somebody ever tell you that you have an amazing voice? '', Sarah asked.

'' Yeah, you tell me that every time. No need of someone else to tell me '', I sighed.

'' Seriously, if you would let me, I would go and put up slogans saying ''we've got something here, Meredith's voice is awesome,give her a chance'' '', She said waving her hands in air.
(What did I say?)

'' But your shyness is a little too much, don't you think? You really must use your talent and scream to world for attention.'' , She advised.

I so wanted to scream to world for attention, I wanted to perform in front of audience, to show off my skills, but this stage fright, this nervousness, it always blocked my way to reach my aims. I tried to overcome my shyness, but it's damn difficult, so I stopped trying.

Gathered my books, said hello's and hi's to some friends here and there and reached my class. Sarah and I had first class the same. I headed towards the last bench but she caught my arm in time to stop me.

'' No way missy are we going to sit at last bench today. I'm going to sit somewhere in the middle and you're sitting with me. Are we clear? '', She grumbled.
I shrugged and dropped my books to a nearby desk.
'' That's where I'm sitting, you find your place. '', I smiled sweetly.
She sighed and sat beside me. ( duh-uh, I always win, I'm sure stubborn. But I didn't sit at the back bench, however I also didn't sit where Sarah wanted me to, whatever )

Instead of revising some notes or settling my books, I opened my writing pad and started reading my songs. Yeah, I write songs, make their tunes and sing them,in my room, in front of mirror, with my very own special guitar. And all that time, i see a pale girl with back length straight brown hair, green eyes and a large red and black guitar, standing in the mirror staring at me, trying to tell me that music is my life.

Suddenly, everything became quiet. I didn't have to ask why or what happened, just threw my pad under my books and sat straight up; of course, Mrs.Arnold had arrived. I hadn't heard the bell, guess I was too indulged in my songs.

'' Good morning my loveliest class, with loveliest smiles and loveliest times. Today I have the loveliest news for you all! Guess what is it? guess guess guess. The student who will guess right will be the loveliest for me. ''. She spoke in that whistle-like voice of hers, and with that usual exuberant expression on her face. Yeah, she always treated us like that, as if we were kids. I could bet this so called 'loveliest' news would be about her bathroom sink working again. Ha!

As usual, all of us said in union: '' No mam, we can't guess about this news.''
'' Oh nothing happens. Let me tell you then..It is..It is..It is... ''
(ok somebody had to break in)
'' What is it, just tell it Mrs.Arnorld '', a classmate, Jake pumped in.
'' Okay Okay, It's about the School Play of the Year!! Yiippee.''

'' School Play of the Year? '' , the whispers rose from students. Okay, this was unexpected.

'' You all curious right? I knew you would be. So this play hadn't been performed since many years in Clifton's High School. But this year, we decided to give it a try. When the year's end approaches near, the school organize an event in which the students perform. Different performances from different sections. There are: Romantic plays, Fairy tale's plays, Plays about history, Sci-fi plays, Musical plays, and much more. Then at the end, the judges decides the best one, and the best one is awarded with prizes. Isn't it so awesome?! ''

Sarah suddenly nudged me with her elbow, with her gleaming brown eyes, she beamed at me. Wriggling her blonde curls, she asked, '' What do you think? ''

Hmm, musical play, not a bad idea...

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