The Lost Ones ((A Poem))

This one is one of those that you didn't mean to turn out to be double-sided but it did--it's got two meanings, depending on how you look at it.

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Chapter 1

The Lost Ones

The results are inconclusive, dear
I can't tell you the truth
This disillusioned
Small, reclusive
Well-meant and promised truth
The lost ones wander hopelessly
You'll never find them
Hidden, see--
The truth is never simple
Truths we wait for,
Truths we keep
A wounding, raw kind of device
Those we only find in sleep
The lost ones are for solely me
Have faith that I
Will tell you what you need to know
And if it keeps you in the dark--
Well, that was by design
Matters of the heart
Aren't matters of the mind
Complexities aren't tragedies--
Nor truths, once their contrived


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