Truths Much Repost

Much truth. Many information.

I've seen this around so I wanted to repost it--thought it was interesting!

Chapter 1

And So We Go

1. Last drink: Apple juice for days man!

2. Last phone call: My friend Kim before my second time seeing the Divergent movie.

3. Last text message: My friend Rachel!

4. Last song I listened to: I Need You by M83

5. Last time I cried: 4/4/14 aka Four Day because I finished Allegiant. I was not emotionally okay.

6. Gotten back with someone I broke up with: Bxtch please. I haven't ever dated anyone.

7. Been cheated on: I've been cheated OFF OF but you know it's impossible to be cheated ON if you've never had a boyfriend.

8. Kissed someone & regretted it: I'm feeling very innocent right now. Never been kissed (and I'm 16, how sad is that?)

9. Lost someone special: I've lost multiple pets I was close to. And I'm about to lose one of my best friends--she's moving across the state and won't be here next year for our senior year.

10. Been depressed: I've been sad, like everyone else. But not depressed.

11. Been drunk and threw up: HAHAHAHA no.

12. Green
13. Blue
14. Yellow

15. Made a new friend: Yes! Her name's Maddie. And I've recently gotten close to little miss Emily (A_Small_Drop) starting late last year. So I'll count that beautiful girl with her beautiful soul.

16. Fallen out of love: I've really liked people--REALLY liked--but I don't think I've ever been in love. Not yet.

17. Laughed until you cried: Some of my very favorite moments.

18. Met someone who changed me this year: No, sorry.

19. Found out who my true friends are: I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I haven't.

20. Found out someone who has just been talking about me: Actually, yes. I found out the senior bxtche--er, girls, said I was less irritating than they thought I was. Thanks...?

21. Kissed anyone on Facebook: It's impossible to kiss anyone this way. You've gotta be there in real life. Just so you know.

22. How many of your Quibblo friends do you know in real life: None, sadly.

23. Eye Color: very, very green! My Italian exchange student friend has said "Sara, your eyes are green. Like the grass."

24. Pets: Three cats?

25. Changing name: I'm keeping mine--Sara Julia. I think it's pretty. high fives parents Thanks for not listening when my grandparents offered up Jane and Marjorie as possible names (although Sara Jane is rather adorable).

26.Last birthday: July 15th! I turned 16 then!

27. Time I woke up: 6 AM. And then 6:10. And then 6:20. Stupid snooze button.

28. At midnight: I was awake still because youtube.

29. Something I can't wait for: Friday because I'm seeing Divergent for a third time with that friend that's going away. And for my life to be just how I dream it to be.

30. Last time I saw my Mother: Like a few hours ago.

31. One thing I could change: I'm very negative, to a point where it makes me crash and burn. And my procrastination.

32. Listening to: A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope

33. Talked to a person named Tom: A few months ago or so. He dropped out of school.

34. Getting on my nerves: My less than stellar performance in my softball games today.

35. Most visited web page: Youtube followed by Quibblo followed by Facebook!

36. Real name: Sara Julia!

37. Nicknames: inhales Sara, Sar, Sar-bear, Sara-lei, Sancho, Ese...

38. Relationship status: Single. Very, very single.

39. Zodiac sign: Cancer!

40. Gender: Female. Very, very female.

41. Primary school: sniffs I miss it.

42. Middle school: I repress memories for a reason.

43. High school: Flying by altogether too fast.

44. Hair color: This weird not quite brown, not quite blonde color. Not dishwater blonde, either. Mostly brown, I think.

45. Length: Pretty long.

46. Height: 5'5"

47. Skin: It's the largest organ in the human body and is there to protect our delicate insides from germs and radiation.

Just kidding. I'm white.

48. What do I really like about myself: Huh. Um. Um. Um. I can write poems and fiction. And I have pretty eyes. I'm smart and I'm pretty good at the clarinet. And I'm funny (at least I think I am).

49. Piercings: Just the ears and only once. I'm a pain wuss.

50. Tattoos: Impossible, my skin scars too easily. But I wouldn't want one. Pain wuss.

51. Right or left: Righty tighty!


52. Surgery: Does getting 6 permanent teeth removed count?

53. Piercing: Ears.

54. Best friend: Kymberlee Webb. I've since been replaced by her boyfriend's brother's girlfriend of all people.

55. Hero: Jennifer Lawrence. Shailene Woodley. My father. Soldiers. Lots of people, actually.

56. Love: Like I said. I've yet to feel it, really feel it, I think.

57. Heartbreak: The aforementioned boyfriend of the aforementioned Kymberlee Webb. That was a mess and I'm okay now but really don't think I got over it completely even though it was awhile ago--there wasn't really any closure. But let's just say I'm the most selfless Goddamn friend she'll ever have.

58. Death in the family: I'm very fortunate. Nobody in my family that I've been close to has died.

59. Time you got grounded: A couple weeks ago, actually. I backed my truck into my softball coach's truck. Not good.

60. I'm about to: Return to my calculus homework that I'm procrastinating.

61. Listening to: The song changed. Now it's Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons.

62. Waiting for: Tomorrow; the future, whatever it brings.

63. I'm feeling: Rather anxious, actually. The SAT's and the AP calculus test are coming up and I'm procrastinating everything because I'm an idiot.

67. Lips or eyes: On guys? I love expressive eyes. The color doesn't matter as long as I can see into him through them--see what he's feeling, see him. You can front all you want but your eyes will betray you every time.

68. Hugs or kisses: I'm a little unqualified to answer this question but, knowing what I know about them both, I'm going to say hugs. There's something about being held that makes you feel safe and protected and wanted.

69. Shorter or taller: I'm pretty short but I love tall guys.

70. Older or younger: Older? But not by much. Or the same age as me.

71. Romantic or spontaneous: Well, I'm a sucker for cute, romantic gestures. Not that anyone's ever done anything like that for me.

72. Stomach or arms: I don't particularly care as long as he's healthy.

73. Sensitive or loud: I'm very much both, I think.

74. A hook-up or relationship: This is an actual question? Relationship.


75. Kissed a stranger: Obviously not.

76. Drank hard liquor: I'm not into that. I've seen what it can do to people and I don't like it.

77. Lost glasses or contacts: I don't wear prescriptions but I lose my sunglasses constantly.

78. S_x on first date: No. I have these things called morals and values.

79. Broken someone's heart: I think? We were young. Thankfully I did because he turned out to be a creep.

80. Been arrested: No. But my uncle's a cop, if that makes any difference.

81. Turned someone down: See above.

82. Cried when someone died: Yes. I get very attached to my loved ones.

83. Fallen for a friend: I always seem to fall for my friends. See aforementioned boyfriend of Kymberlee (although I did know him and fall for him long before they ever met).


84. Myself: Only sometimes.

85 Society: Even less so, it seems.

86. Heaven: It sounds like a good idea.

87. Santa Claus: He gave me the best presents :)

88. Love: With everything I have.

89. Angels: Not really. Winged people seem a little farfetched.

90. God: Yes but I don't go to church or pray much. I believe he's out there.


91. Had more than one bf at a time: HAHAHAHAHA that's a joke. I've never had more than one guy even ever like me like that and that was the creepy guy.

92. Did I sing today: Why, yes! Skinny Love a la Birdy and probably a lot more that I can't remember, although I can't sing very well.

93. Did something illegal: Uh...I don' music or anything...

94. Go back in time: When? Where? How? I think I would if I was guaranteed safety and if I knew more about it.

95. The biird is the woorrd: Bu-bu-bu-bird is the word--that's from Family Guy, right? I wouldn't know.

96. Afraid of falling in love: I'm not sure. I don't think so. I love to feel things--and from what I've experienced I feel very strongly--so I think love is something I would enjoy very much.

97. Last time I lied: Today. I said I wasn't going to eat that piece of pizza--and then I did.

98. Late, early, or Right on time: Right in the nick of time.

99. Give my life for others: I'd like to think I would--it's very brave. But I'm really not brave at all. I, like most people, am more than a little afraid to just stop living. But I guess we all have to someday.

100. Am I afraid to post this: No...should I be?


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