Group Story Idea (Sign Ups) MALE CHARACTERS NEEDED!

Chapter 1

Pretty Pwease Read :3

by: Pierced_
A normal high school. A normal life. A normal family. Normal. Normal. Normal.

All these six teens have ever known is a "normal" life. They believe their life is just boring. Nothing interesting happens in their lives. The same routine every day. Until, one night.

A being appears in each of the teen's dreams. A different being depending on the person. These beings are called "Dream Hunters", yet the teens do not know this. The being tells them that for only a small price, they will make their life more interesting, almost perfect. If they think it, the being can make it happen. After they hear this, the teens immediately agree to this deal.

Since that day, the teens have got everything they wanted. The perfect friends, the perfect clothes, money, action, literally anything they wanted. Yet the beings that of the teens seem suspicious, as they leave them more often alone.

Then, as if by fate, they all meet each other one by one, and they all find out they are the same. They made a deal with these beings. Now, their suspicions rise even more about these beings. And after searching all different kinds of sources, they are not prepared for what they find.

Now, for the beings: each Dream Hunter for your character has to be a person. Yet they have special features (Wings, horns, tails, etc.) and special powers (Can fly, grant wishes, etc.). What he/she looks like is up to you. However, there is one thing they all have in common. When the Dream Hunter makes the deal with your character, they give them some kind of charm or trinket that they must keep with them at all times in order to contact the Dream Hunter.

I know this plot is a little confusing will be good, I promise! And one more thing before you can do your character: If you are NOT a dedicated person or are NOT on Quibblo often DO NOT sign up. You also must write within a WEEK and 1 DAY. If you do not write within a week and 1 day, you will be skipped. Two skips = out of the story unless there is a good reason. Sorry for the caps, but I had to make that clear.

Ok, now character forms! :3 Three boys and two girls pwease. Please though, I need more boy characters to sign up.

( * = Optional)

Age: (15 or 16)
Appearance: (Be specific. No perfect characters.)
Personality: (Good and bad traits. Be specific.)
Family: (No orphans, sorry!)
Dream Hunter: (Name and describe their appearance).
Talents: (Music, arts, academic, sports, etc.)
Charm: (The item they receive from their Dream Hunter when they make the deal.)
Hobbies: (A couple, not a lot. Max is 5)
*Love Interest:

My character :)

Name: Patricia Alessandra Justice
Nicknames: Patti
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Light blonde, thick and curly hair that reaches her hips, light green eyes with brown flecks, short eyelashes, thin light blonde eyebrows, slender and thin figure, pale skin tone, small feet and hands, rather large chest, 5' 2", 96 lbs.
Personality: Intelligent, athletic, determined, friendly, bookworm, kind, caring, stubborn, sensitive, honest, doesn't trust people easily, sarcastically funny, occasionally lazy, open-minded, has some friends but usually keeps to herself.
Family: Mother (Samantha, 46) who is a nurse, one elder brother (Daniel "Danny", 18), and one younger brother (Max, 13). Her Father (Steven) died from a sudden heart attack when Patti was seven.
Dream Hunter: His name is Drako. He looks like this: with fangs, black pointed wings, a lion's tail, and purple horns.
Fears: Loosing loved ones, suffocation, enclosed spaces (she's extremely claustrophobic), heights, being buried alive, and spiders.
Talents: She is a good soccer player, can play the violin and piano, is an honor's student, and can draw pretty well.
Hobbies: Reading, playing soccer, drawing, and playing her instruments.
Love Interest: A male character TBD


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