Power of Pain (Original Group Story)

5 teenagers. Trapped. All stuck in lives that they dislike. They all have one thing in common, they aren't normal. They have powers, unlike considerably normal people. Fate brings them together with one, mutual interest. Power. Domination. A way for their voices to be heard. A way to make their own decisions. An escape from their current life. A way out. Ultimate domination.

Chapter 3

Penny Shay

'A penny for your thoughts'

It was a saying. Meant, share what you're feeling, it will be fine, tell us. Only I never told anyone what I thought, and they never needed to tell me. I knew it all already.

The second I walk into school, I see a friend. Jaimie. I smile and walk over to her. Another day in the life of a happy girl with a bright future. Someday I'll graduate, get a nice job, bla bla. Boring. Jaimie is perfectly content with that though, she's a complete nerd. Even now she's thinking about the science test. The one in five weeks.

Oh, I hope I pass. I wonder if we'll be quizzed on the stuff we learned last year


"Hey Jaimie!" I say, giving her a quick hug.
"Hey Penny!" Jaimie said happily, and we walked down to our lockers, chatting while we walked.
"Hey, did you see Ryan, I think he's done something with his hair" I said, glancing over at a boy. Jaimie followed, and giggled.
"Oooo, Penny's got the hots for Ryan!" She said teasingly. I giggled back, and gave her a playful shove.

He's pretty cute too, they'd be a good couple.

I went through the day as usual. In English, there was a surprise spelling test. Despite being in grade 10, the majority of people in this room were idiots and could not spell. It was ridiculous. I could spell well, but I sat next to Jaimie and could hear every word she spelled in her head.

Hmmm... Conjunction... C. O. N. J. U. N. C. T. I. O. N. Yeah, that looks right

At the end of the day, I waved a happy goodbye to Jaimie and turned to go home. Then my smile turned downwards. Another boring day in the life of me. Stuck in an endless circle, never to get out. Only I can get out. I can read minds. I can predict someone's next move. I can crush them.

Oh, and I'm just itching to do it.

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