When the World Ends (Group Story)

When the world in overrun with disease caused by curiosity, Annie, Darrin, C.J, Macy, Poppy and Louis have to band together to survive both the living and the dead.
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Chapter 22

Melancholy - Annie Hunter

I grit my teeth, turning my head slowly so that the gun nearly touches my forehead. He clicks his tongue, shrugging, "It's a shame we have to do this, especially to a girl as pretty as you." He laughs. "Sorry."

"If you were sorry, you wouldn't be taking our supplies." Says Macy, easing Packy behind her. Packy's eyes are wide, he looks terrified. I glance back at her, hoping she'll shut up.

"This group is chock full of hot pieces, isn't it?" One of the other guys say, laughing. Macy doesn't say anything, but she tries to hold Packy out of sight. Then a gun clinks against her head as well. "What do we have here?" Another voice asks.

I can look over far enough to see the person speaking was a woman with short red hair and big blue eyes. Pretty, but she had that familiar look of insanity in her eyes. No wonder she's carrying out with this group. She grabs Packy's arm with one hand and tugs him away from Macy, who shouts and tries to pull him back. I close my eyes.

One of them is going to die.

The woman pulls Packy away, and laughs. Packy is silent and looks very, very scared. "Macy!" He shouts at her, obviously not very happy in the grip of this new woman. Macy is sort of his adoptive mother, it looks like.

"Shut up." A guy barks at Packy.

"Don't yell at the kid." Poppy speaks up, staring the guy in the eyes. In one swift movement, the guy hits Poppy in the face with the butt of his gun. She falls to the ground, unconscious. Idiot. I think to myself. Nobody seems to know how this works.

"Search the cars." The guy with the gun pointed at me barks. "Kill any of them that objects."

We are silent as men pour into our vans, taking our guns and backpacks, until suddenly Macy darts forward, a knife risen in her hand, and stabs a guy in the back of the neck. He shouts, and we all rush forward. Stupid, stupid girl, but now we have a chance.

I shoot a guy in the face who has hold of a backpack. CJ wrestles a guy to the ground and stabs a large knife into his back. Darrin presses his gun against another woman's face and pulls the trigger. Louis wrestles begins to start one of our vans and shoots anyone who comes near. Macy tries to pull her knife out of the guy, and turns around.Suddenly, I hear the sharp sound of a gunshot not from our group.

I spin around. The red-head woman carrying Packy has shot into the crowd, and I can see where. Directly into Macy's forehead.

She crumples to the ground, clearly dead. Blood streams from her face and her knife lies in her limp hand.

My eyes are wide. I don't make a sound, but my mouth is open slightly. C.J shouts, but I can't understand what he says. Darrin and Poppy look just as shocked as I feel, but Louis just starts the car. His eyes look a bit wet, but he clearly isn't going to stop trying.

Packy is practically sobbing, but his eyes are wide and shocked and bloodshot.
"Shut the fukc up!" The redhead woman screams at Packy and tosses him towards the ground.

My shock clears, and I dart at the redhead woman. Before she knows what hit her, my gun fires in her chest, right into her lung. Purposely, I miss her heart. She falls to the ground, blood bubbling to the hole in her chest. She'll die drowning.

I laugh a sort of hysterically laugh, and Packy looks a bit terrified as he sobs, blood trickling from his mouth. I pick him up, hauling him over my shoulder. I jump into the van Louis isn't in, seeing as he has started his. I kick a guy in the face who has a nice gun, and throw it into the van. I watch CJ grab Poppy and bring her into Louis' van, and Darrin climbs into the one I'm in, shooting at people who try to kill us. I rev the engine and drive as fast as I can, Louis close behind.

Packy is sobbing, practically curled into my side. Darrin is silent in the back, and I glance back. He's taking stock of our weapons, his face stone cold. Neither of us want to say anything, about how we left Macy back there or anything. We couldn't have done anything. I then remember we had a dog with us. I look back, and see she's in Louis' car. I feel an odd sense of relief. The dog is a good tracker.

CJ had a wet strip of cloth and he's dabbing Poppy's head in the back part of the truck. She's still unconscious, her head bleeding slightly. Louis just drives after my car. I suppose he thinks I know what I'm doing, where I'm going.

I don't have a clue. I just drive. We need to get somewhere safe, somewhere we can rest and not be attacked. We can't risk losing more people.

I glance down at the kid. I'm guessing he's my responsibility now.

I sigh. Macy was a peaceful part of the group, and now she's gone. What's going to happen to us?

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