When the World Ends (Group Story)

When the world in overrun with disease caused by curiosity, Annie, Darrin, C.J, Macy, Poppy and Louis have to band together to survive both the living and the dead.
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Chapter 21

C.J. Capone

by: cjcj
A convoy. This is turning into a convoy.

Yea there was only two cars. But that meant that we are willing to accept people. and the more people we have, the more dangerous our lives would be. more chances of someone turning on us.

But for now it seemed i had no choice. At least I was driving the lead truck with Darrin and the dog. Our destination was a police station where we could take refugee for the night and hopefully find weapons and a safer place to go.

We had been driving for almost an hour when we saw a car in the middle of the road, still smoking. The radio we found cracked to life:

"Think someone could be alive in there?" It was Annie.

"Me you and Darrin should check it out, so everyone can get out of here if something happens."

The three of us approached the car with Sadie at me heels, and Annie hanging back in case she had to take our truck. We stopped 10 yards away from it, and let Sadie go ahead to sniff it out.

She gave us the okay, and we approached. No zombies, but no people ether. And whatever happened, happened recently.

"We should get out of here" muttered Darrin.

I nodded and we turned to go back to the vehicles

"Put your weapons down"

A man in his 30's held a shotgun to Annie's head. Behind him other guys had guns pointing at everyone else.

"Were here to take your sh**" Grinned the first man.

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