When the World Ends (Group Story)

When the world in overrun with disease caused by curiosity, Annie, Darrin, C.J, Macy, Poppy and Louis have to band together to survive both the living and the dead.
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Chapter 1

Still Alive - Annie Hunter

I press my back against the wall, sobbing silently as tears streak through the dust on my cheeks, my hands trembling and sore from being squeezed so tightly around the grip of the handgun. The mumbling of my next-door neighbor still continued as she pulled herself over to me, even though I shot her in the spot to paralyze her legs.

I cry breathily, just stressed out with this whole thing. Not with this particular person, as I really never liked/knew her, but this whole thing.

She looks up at my as she claws at the floor. Her eyes are clear white irises, lined in sort of a dull grey. She snarls.

I shake my head, not making any sound now, but just knock over a shelf in my small apartment onto her, and she stops moving. I can't waste was little ammo I have.

Okay... So let's think here. I think, sitting down by the window. I can go kill everything out there, and probably get arrested for holding a gun since I'm legally not allowed to, or I can escape through the fire escape.

I look out the window. The brittle white stairs leaving the fire escape look especially unstable.

Suddenly, the door splinters and hands reach through the doors. Slightly grey-shaded arms with bites in the palms and fingers.

Okay, okay, time to go! I shout in my mind and jump up from where I was sitting and push open the window. I take one last look around my small apartment and grab a backpack filled with the little supplies I could afford for my room, bottles of water, cans of vegetables, a few apples, breakfast bars, trail mix and a red bull, along with a pair of mittens, a small pocketknife and a lighter.

I turn to the window. It's now, or I die.

I try to open the window, but instead, it shatters. I curse as the noise rings through my ears and my palms sting as glass shards stick into the skin. I... I need to keep moving. I say, and I step onto the fire escape. Really, wood shouldn't be goon, but everything's sunny in Indiana.

I run down the stairs quietly but very quickly, and see immediately the sick people. They walk in a stumbling fashion, but when they see me they quicken. I swear and start running quietly.

They just chase me.

I run as quickly as I possibly can to the nearest building. A small supermarket. I run inside and quickly hide by a shelf still holding a bit of food, a can of peaches, a can of beans. When the diseased seem to go away, I bluntly grab the two cans. More food, right?

I sigh, popping open a bottle of water. Can't get much better than this, huh?

I get up and move over to the check-out desk, where an entire container of candy bars sits behind the desk. I dump them all but one into my back. I leave the extra on the desk in case some starving person comes by.

I'm sitting down and enjoying a bit of a candy bar, when I notice something underneath a shelf. It shines and makes me want to go to it like a cat drawn to a piece of ribbon. I get up and reach under the shelf, and pull out the glimmering object.

A six-pack of cheap beer. I laugh in relief as I put the beer in my backpack. Surely now is not the time for drinking, but who knows, maybe it will be someday.

I sit down for a moment before realizing I need to move. In every movie like this, though I'm not saying it's zombies because those don't exist, nobody ever survived by staying in the city. That's where they all are.

I think for a moment. Okay, Annie, where could be the safest place? Where would people from Indiana, like you, band together? Somewhere they could go to get away from this...

Suddenly, I realize. We're all about convenience, and the most convenient place we could go would be Michigan. We would boat away to Canada, where it's probably so cold in the coldest spot that this couldn't reach it as much.

I smile in happiness. Of course, this would take a far journey, but it isn't as if I have very many options.

I open the back staff door of the supermarket and sneak out. It seems like I just have to go to the forest, I don't have other options.

So I race into the forest, hiding behind things as I go.

The forest is obviously less diseased-filled than the city, so I feel as if I can relax a bit. Although, I am seeing the darkness filling the sky.

Shlt. I think, and go deeper into the forest. I reach a small clearing and am taking the tent out of my backpack, hoping to maybe put it in a tree if I had any skill with climbing trees when I hear some twigs snapping in front of me. I grab my gun, leaving the one on my back alone, and point it at the forest and twigs break rapidly.

A girl runs into the clearing, an extremely fearful look on her face and she falls to her knees and onto her backside when she sees me pointing a gun at her. She looks a little bit older than me, with red-brown hair and hazel eyes.

"Name." I say, trembling at the sound of my unused voice.

"P....Poppy." She mutters, shaking. "Poppy Novak."

I stare at her, the sky dark and my gun still pointed. I have no choice but to trust her for now.

"I'm Annie." I say, not offering my last name. "Tomorrow we're going to talk more, but for tonight we're going into my tent and we're going to sleep." I say bluntly. She blinks, but smiles.

"Thank you." She says. I nod and quickly set up the tent. We both crawl inside, there's enough room for both of us.

"I'll take first watch." I say,

She looks at me suspiciously, so I roll my eyes. "Please. I'm not going to kill you in your sleep, I'd have no reason for that."

She shrugs lightly and lays down, and I turn to the door. It's going to be a long night.

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