The guitar of doom

Hi!!! This is a weird horror story. Hope you like it!!!

Chapter 1

Love at first sound

DING!!!! I shuddered, hating the loud sound of the bell, thoughI had heard it many times before. "Oi, you! Yes you, James, my son!! I've got the perfect guitar for you my boy-and here it is!!!" Slowly, I stepped forward, not once taking my eyes off the guitar which was so called 'perfect' for me. And maybe it was...

I looked at the guitar in awe. Dark brown, wood, by the looks of it. Not like any other guitar I've ever seen before. "Well, I have to try it before I buy it. Don't want to be ripped off- again!" It was true. A year ago, when I had just moved to this town Danny (the shopowner who I was talking to) had given me a guitar string-not cheap- and as soon as I bought it and took it home, I realised it was broken. Of course, I immediately wanted a refund, and I got one, but I didn't want that hassle now-the concert was tonight. I carefully picked this guitar up, and, oh, the sounds that came out of it! It was magical...

"I'll take it-how much?" I asked excitedly.I was willing to pay any price for it-partly because I had to because I had the concert today, and partly because as I said before, magical to me. "20 quid-and that's half price!" Danny was getting ready to bargain, but I just smiled and said "You're on!" Then, paying the money and flirting with this hot chick who came in to the shop, a slap in the face then BHAM!!! I had got a guitar!!! Now, for the next bit- the music concert which had all the singing stars in the flesh- I HAD to impress them- and the guitar was going to help me- a lot...

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