I've just decided to sit and write as much as I can on what goth is, the subculture, the genre and everything else. This will eventuallyn include stereotypes, how they came to be and why they're always not true.
I think I will have has much fun as writing this as you will reading, if you're interested in the subculture anyway.
First, I'm not sure how I'm going to do this, like seperate it in chapters and order so I've decided I'll go with the flow.

Chapter 1

The Gothic Subculture

Chapter 1: Contents
Chapter 2: The Gothic Subculture (in general).
Chapter 3: Gothic Rock
Chapter 4: Gothic Fashion
Chapter 5: Gothic/Goth Stereotypes

I'm sorry I won't be talking about the Germanic tribe, architecture and literature because I don't really know the background as they're not part of the subculture. I could possibly list a few books / locations of buildings and tell you what century the Goths travelled in but it wouldn't be much of a chapter.

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