reposty :)

Chapter 1


1. What are your top five favorite songs right now? soo hard... okay: Terrible Things by Mayday Parade, Passion for Publication by Anarbor, 18 by Anarbor, This is the House That Doubt Built by ADTR, and Vegas by ATL

2. What are your favorite quotes or sayings right now? "We accept the love we think we deserve."

3. What are your favorite words to say? idk haha

4. What did you do last night? watched HIMYM and Friends

5. What are your two favorite colors? Black and blue

6. What 2 things interest you that other people see as weird and abnormal? cute goth/scene/punk guys, twitter haha (only because I only follow bands pretty much haha)

7. What genre of music do you listen to usually? alt, rock, emo, metal, punk

8. Do you currently self-harm? nooooooo, never did, and i dont think i ever will

9. Have you ever ^? noo

10. What's your favorite food? chocolate, anything with cheese on it XD

11. Have you lost a best friend before? And why? yeahhh, cuz people suck, that's why

12. Do you own any pets? a cat

13. Do you have a Tumblr? Link? no

14. Siblings? 2, a lil sis who is 11 and an older sis who is 18

15. Favorite console to game on? idk..

16. Favorite show? HIMYM or Twisted haha

17. What are your deepest regrets? idk.. everything I did up until now has made me who I am today, they made me smarter.. but I do wish I was a better Christian :/

18. Top five favorite bands? SWS, ATL, ADTR, Mayday Parade, and PATD

19. What are your five hobbies? texting, hanging with friends, drawing, reading, playing games

20. Who are your top five favorite actors? Johnny Depp, Zack Effron, Will Smith, Emma Watson, and hmm idk

21. What genres of book do you read? dystopian, utopian, love stories, action

22. What traits make you angry or turn you off? unfaithfulness, selfishness, being rude, being super obnoxious, being dumb, thinking they are sooo cool, being a douche/player

23. What traits make you happy or turn you on? funny, sweet, caring, artsy, attractive, smart, fun, faithful


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